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It would be ideal for everyone in Virginia if the state’s proximity to the seat of our federal government somehow meant that it wouldn’t have a similar drug abuse problem to the rest of the country. You might think that being situated so close to the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services or even the Department of Education would mean that these agencies could have a closer on Virginia and keep it from falling into the same abuse patterns as the rest of the country.

Sadly, that isn’t the case. In almost every category of drug abuse, Virginia residents closely follow the trends of abuse across the rest of the country. While some of its statistics of drug abuse are slightly better than the national average, there isn’t much to brag about when one out of every fourteen citizens is using drugs on a regular basis, instead of the national average of one in twelve.

Also, the most recent Virginia Drug Control Update shows that 713 people died due to their drug use in Virginia in 2007. That is not a number that anyone can easily dismiss. It shows that the people of Virginia need to do a lot more to turn the state around and get it onto a path of sobriety and healthy living for all citizens.

Drug Use Rates for Individual Substances

Not every drug is created equally. Some are more powerful than others, more addictive or more likely to cause an overdose. Some drugs (like marijuana) will only show their physical and mental damage over time, while others (like meth) can destroy the body within a few weeks of someone first picking up the habit.

Likewise, not every drug is used at the same rate in Virginia. In order to any campaign or personal effort to prevent drug use to be successful, it is vital to know what kinds of drugs are being used across your home state. If you don’t know what drugs are being used by the Virginians around you, if will be much harder to keep those drugs from entering your home and hurting your loved ones.

For the purposes of educating all residents of the state about what drugs are most popular in Virginia, here is a breakdown based on how many admissions to drug treatment centers each drug caused. If more people needed to go to rehab due to using that drug, it is higher up the list. In order to make the best use of this list, start educating yourself on the drugs at the top of the list and work your way down. That way you will be up-to-date on what is being sold and consumed in the community around you.

Marijuana: By far the most popular drug across most of America, marijuana has greatly benefited from a massive PR campaign in recent years. Advocates of the drug have been successful in getting in legalized to some degree in over twenty states. If you don’t already live somewhere that “medical” marijuana is legal, it’s likely that it may come to your state soon. Big businesses are looking forward to the day that marijuana is legalized for fully recreational use across the whole country, because on that day they’ll be able to begin full-scale farming, advertising and sales efforts in order to turn marijuana into the next tobacco. Marijuana will be the next big cash crop in America if concerned families and communities in Virginia and across the country don’t make their voices heard now.

Cocaine: This drug has always been one of the most highly consumed drugs in America. The coca plant is grown and turned into cocaine in South America, and it is then imported into the United States, as we are the biggest market for this drug out of the entire world. The east coast has historically been a huge market for the drug, and Virginia is proving that to still be true. While the rest of the country has dramatically cut back on this expensive drug in recent years, Virginians are going strong and continuing to use vast quantities of this powerful and dangerous drug.

Heroin: The most famous opiate drug in recent years, heroin is easier to get addicted to than many other drugs. It is usually injected directly into your veins through a hypodermic needle, and this method of administration causes the user to get a powerful high that is also very easy to get addicted to. Heroin is also one of the most risky drugs to abuse, as addicts often can’t fight the compulsion to use the drug right away, even when they don’t have access to their own  clean needles. This leads to sharing needles and the spread of diseases such as AIDS and Hepatitis throughout the heroin using community.

Prescription Opiates: This category consists of the powerful opiate drugs that are synthesized by pharmaceutical companies to be very similar to heroin. While these companies know that they can’t sell heroin to patients outright, they can make drugs that are chemically incredibly similar and then make billions getting the public hooked. After all, these drugs are more addictive than any form of opiate that has come before them, and usage rates are currently skyrocketing in Virginia and across the rest of the country. It might not be long before these opiates are the most used drug in Virginia, as they are in many other states.

In addition to these drugs, several others are also abused across the state. Virginians may not abuse stimulants, tranquilizers and hallucinogens at the same rate they do these top four, but that does not mean that other drugs are safe. If you find a family member or friend casually using ecstasy, for example, that is still cause for immediate action.

How to Keep Our Communities Safe

Keeping our communities safe from all forms of drug abuse is largely the responsibility of individual families. The government can only do so much to set policy and give direction to our nation’s police forces, but as we’ve seen, that doesn’t always do much to help the problem.

Instead, individuals that care about their families and the communities they live in can have a much greater impact on keeping our areas free of drug abuse. It starts by getting educated on the signs of drug use, and it then extends into being willing to talk to the friends and family members that have made the mistake to start using these substances. Real change starts by working with drug users on a case-by-case basis to find out why they are using drugs and to help them turn their lives around so they can get sober.

If you do find that someone you know is using drugs, research to find results-based drug rehab centers in your area or even out of state. Look for facilities that offer natural detoxification and rehabilitation treatment that do not consist of giving addicts methadone or another toxic “replacement” drug therapy. When you find a rehab that can actually show you evidence and statistics of successfully helping addicts to turn their lives around, do not wait. Get your loved one into treatment right away. Call us today for more information on Virginia drug rehab facilities.

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