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Burlington is a well-known and popular city in Vermont.  It is coincidentally also the largest city in the U.S. state of Vermont and it is also the county seat of Chittenden County.  The city lies just 45 miles south of the Canada-United States (Quebec-Vermont) border and only 94 miles south of Montreal.

As for its population, Burlington had a population of 42,417 at the United States Census Bureau’s 2010 census.  The city is the hub of the Burlington-South Burlington metropolitan area, consisting of the three northwestern Vermont counties of Chittenden, Franklin and Grand Isle alike and encompassing the cities of Burlington, South Burlington, and Winooski, not to mention the towns of Colchester, Essex, and Williston; and the village of Essex Junction.  According to the 2012 U.S. Census estimates, the metro area had an estimated population of 213,701, approximately a full third of Vermont’s total population in just that area alone.

A regional college town supported by many, Burlington is home to the state’s flagship public university, the University of Vermont, as well as two small private undergraduate colleges, Burlington College and Champlain College.  The city’s college town environment has attracted young adults and students from all across the country as well as thousands of middle class, young families and other residents.

Burlington’s economy centers on education, health services, trade, transportation and utilities, and the city does quite well for itself.  There is also some manufacturing involved in the city as well.  The city had the 6th lowest unemployment rate of all metro areas in the year 2011 at just 4.8% at that time,  Real wages were $39,980 in 2006 constant dollars and remained there to 2010; the state was $33,385; the nation, $36,871.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in Burlington

Like many other cities in the northeastern section of the nation, drug and alcohol addiction and abuse is at an all-time high.  For many residents of the town of Burlington, drug abuse is a common and regular thing, and alcohol consumption is very regular and consistent.  Without a doubt, this college town has seen some better days in terms of sobriety and abstinence.

Heroin has been creeping up the northeastern states from Mexico for years now, and this is one of the most commonly abused drugs in Burlington.  This spells bad news for the city though, because heroin is without a doubt one of the most deadly and dangerous drugs in the entire world.

Statistics on the Problem in Vermont

The best way to understand the drug and alcohol problem in Burlington and the drug problem in the entire state of Vermont is to examine the facts and statistics that have to do with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  The National Survey on Drug use and Health, (NSDUH), is responsible for recording such stats, and just a few of them are listed below to provide the reader with some context:

• In the years 2007 and 2008, Vermont ranked first among all other states in several drug-use categories among persons age 12-17 including but not limited to:

• past-month illicit drug use per capita
• past-year marijuana use per capita
• past-month marijuana use per capita
• Vermont also ranked first in the Nation for past-year cocaine use among young adults age 18 to 25.

• Approximately a full and stunning twelve percent of Vermont residents reported past-month use of illegal drugs;, whereas the national average was only at eight percent.

Fighting Addiction in Burlington: How to find Recovery from Addiction

Beating a drug or alcohol addiction habit is no easy task by far.  In fact and in all honesty, it is a very, very hard thing to do indeed.  However, the help of an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and dependence rehabilitation and treatment facility, center, or program can greatly increase one’s odds of making a full, safe, complete, and fulfilling recovery indeed.  Actually, inpatient rehab centers are the only acclaimed, recognized, and fully successful approach to rehab that the United States as a whole has to offer.

Only in an inpatient rehab center can an addict in Burlington find all of the rehab skills and techniques that he or she will need to effectively beat a drug or alcohol habit once and for all and for good.  This is not a concern however as there are many such rehab centers in and around Burlington, and in fact there are many such centers all across the nation that one can seek out help in should he or she make the decision to beat the habit once and for all.

Burlington, a Beautiful City to Go Free In

Burlington is a pleasant, historic, and aesthetically beautiful city.  The city has a historical district, many parks, beautiful college campuses, and plenty of fine dining settings and hotels.  All in all, it is an excellent place to beat a drug or alcohol addiction in.  For the family members, loved ones, friends, and associates of someone trying to beat an addiction in Burlington, the city has a lot to offer visiting family members and loved ones and the addict alike.  Without a doubt, rehabilitation is the best answer in this city for those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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