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Nestled up in the northeast corner of the United States as it is, you could be forgiven for thinking that Vermont was a sleepy section of the country that doesn’t deal with the same problems as the rest of the country. As a matter of fact, most Americans can’t even tell Vermont and New Hampshire apart with any degree of certainty. (Vermont is the one that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom like a V.)

While the big cities in America have always dealt with rampant drug addiction and even rural America is starting to deal with widespread drug abuse, the truth is that even Vermont has its own drug problems. In fact, Vermont actually leads the country in several categories of drug abuse.

For example, as of the last Vermont Drug Control Update, the state led the nation in the number of 12 to 17-year-olds using illegal drugs on a monthly basis. It also led the nation in this age category for past-year marijuana use and past-month marijuana use. For one more category that Vermont leads, it is also the top state for past-month cocaine use among 18 to 25-year-olds.

It’s easy to see that Vermont has major drug use problems, especially among its younger population. If Vermont residents want to change the trend here and keep Vermont from becoming a drug user’s paradise, parents need to take stronger actions to keep their children from using drugs. Also, once someone in Vermont has become addicted to drugs, we need to make sure that he has access to a results-based drug rehab center.

Knowing What Drugs are Used in Vermont is the First Step

In order for families to take effective action to keep their children safe from the ever-spreading epidemic of drug use, they need to start by knowing what drugs are in use in the communities where they live. No family can go off of vague old ideas of drug use. We also can’t let TV shows and movies dictate our education on what substances are and are not in use. If we want to have a fighting chance and turning drug use trends around, the best way to do so is to know which drugs are being used in Vermont.

The drugs that are popular in one state can be very different from the substances most in use only one state over. Some states are mainly dealing with cocaine abuse, while other are having an incredibly tough time dealing with meth. If Vermont families are going to get properly educated on what drugs they should be watching out for, they have to know what is happening within this state’s borders.

A great way of determining what drugs are the most popular in the state is watching to see what drugs are responsible for the highest number of drug rehab center admissions. For every person that reports to a rehab for help coming off of drugs, there are many more that are not seeking help at all.

In order, these are the drugs with the highest usage rates in Vermont:

Prescription Opiates: The category of opiate drugs is one of the most common drug abuse trends in America, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Opiates are drugs created by pharmaceutical companies to act as painkillers. They are chemically very similar to heroin and morphine, even if they are not actually synthesized from those drugs. These pills are supposed to safe for doctors to prescribe to patients, but they often turn chronic pain sufferers into opiate addicts that have much worse health problems from their opiate use than they ever suffered due to back pain.

Marijuana: Along with the rest of the country, Vermont is dealing with record-high marijuana usage rates. Part of the problem is that marijuana advocates have succeeded in making marijuana legal for “medical” use across almost half of the country. It is now incredibly easy to get legal permission for a “weed card” even with completely fabricated symptoms. Marijuana damages your IQ and can create brain abnormalities, but proponents of the drug try to pretend that it is harmless. Do not fall for their rhetoric – keep your children away from weed.

Cocaine: This drug is used at less than a third of the rate of marijuana. It used to be much more popular across most of the Northeast, but in recent years its popularity has lagged as opiates and marijuana have continued to increase in popularity. It is still an incredibly dangerous drug, however, and it can easily cause deadly overdoses. It is not a drug to overlook by any means.

Heroin: Another type of opiate, heroin is the drug that modern prescription painkillers were supposed to replace. In a sad twist of fate, pain pill usage is now actually leading to a new epidemic of heroin use across the country. Once someone can’t afford painkillers any longer (due to their incredibly expensive price tag on the street), the person will often turn to heroin as a cheaper substitute. While usage rates are currently near the levels of cocaine and don’t match the two most popular drugs in Vermont that could change in coming years as more and more opiate users switch over.

These are the four most popular drugs in the state, but there are dozens of other major drugs and hundreds of sub-varieties available. Any responsible parent will spend time educating himself or herself on all of the drugs available in an area and what the signs of use are. When you know what these drugs look like and how they affect the body and mind, you can spot family members and friends that have started to use drugs.

Getting Help Through a Vermont Drug Rehab Facility

One of the biggest obstacles that drug rehab centers face in saving the lives of addicts is getting access to these drug users before it’s too late. In many cases, family members and friends are oblivious to the fact that someone they care about is even using drugs.

Addicts, after all, do not want their habits to be discovered. In addition to societal disapproval, there are serious consequences for anyone that is caught using drugs. An addict could lose his job or even go to jail. If the addict is a parent, she could risk losing her children after being considered an unfit parent.

If you spot that a loved one is exhibiting the signs of drug use, the answer is not to confront them in an angry and suspicious manner. Instead, simply open a dialogue with the person and try to determine if drug use really is at the heart of their strange behavior. You’ll want the person on your side so that you can convince them to check into drug rehabilitation center.

After all, drug rehab is the only effective way to actually eliminate a drug addiction. Instead of letting the addict convince you that he can “take care of it” himself, you need to care enough about him that you will actually get him into a program that has proven itself to be effective at helping addicts get clean. The results will be worth far more than the time and effort that you spent. Call now for information on Vermont drug rehab facilities.

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