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The city of Provo is a popular and well known city in the west.  It is the third-largest city in all of the U.S. state of Utah, located only 43 miles south of Salt Lake City along the beautiful Wasatch Front.  Provo is the largest city and county seat of all of Utah County.   The city itself geographically lies between the cities of Orem to the north and Springville to the south.  With a population at the 2010 census of a full 112,488, Provo is the principal city in the Provo-Orem metropolitan area, which had a population of 526,810 residents at the 2010 census.  This area is the third-largest metro area in the state behind Salt Lake City and Ogden-Clearfield.

There are many things for which provo is well known.  And many things have occurred here in history that has earned the city fame and renown.  First of all the city is home to Brigham Young University, a private higher education institution, which is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).  Provo is also home to the largest Missionary Training Center for the LDS Church in the entire world.  The city is a key operational center for Novell and has been a focus area for technology development in Utah as well, which now number in the top five for most important areas of income for the state.  The city is also home to the Peaks Ice Arena, which served as a venue for the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.  Sundance Resort, one of the most desired resorts in all of the United States is located 13 miles northeast at Provo Canyon.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in Provo

Provo, while it is a wondrous and flourishing city, is also, for those reasons, being targeted immensely for drug abuse and addiction and drug trafficking and dealing and crime.  Meth is the mainstay of drugs abused in Provo unfortunately.  Meth, while being one of the worst drugs in the world to become addicted to, is unfortunately what the vast majority of addicted individuals in provo are using.  This is why the entire state of Utah has such a high annual number of individuals dying every year from drug addiction per capita.  The drug of choice here is meth, whereas in most other states it’s marijuana.

Provo, particularly since it is such a strong college town, has attracted meth like no other city in Utah.  If something isn’t done about this problem soon, the entire city could be on the verge of a major addiction crisis.

What Crystal Meth Abuse Creates in Provo; A Veritable Dwindling Spiral of Addiction

Meth abuse and addiction is certainly the most troubling and most common type of drug abuse that Provo must face down and confront.  Being addicted to meth is dangerous game too.  This is a drug that literally burns one’s body up from the inside out.  Meth is deadly, dangerous, and above all physically depreciating.  Listed below are just a few of what the meth addicted individuals of Provo are experiencing today:

• Permanent damage to blood vessels of heart and brain, high blood pressure leading to heart attacks, strokes and even death.

• Liver, kidney and lung damage all around.

• Destruction of tissues in nose if sniffed to the point where smelling things is nonexistent.

• Respiratory (breathing) problems if smoked to the point of serious breathing difficulties.

• Infectious diseases and abscesses if injected into the veins.

• Malnutrition, weight loss to the point of near-anorexia.

• Severe tooth decay, often with teeth falling out.

• Disorientation, apathy, confused exhaustion, and other mental states.

• Strong psychological dependence upon the drug.

• Psychosis and derangement

• Depression of the strongest kind.

• Damage to the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and even epilepsy.

Finding Rehabilitation and Recovery in Provo

Once one becomes addicted to drugs in Provo, life is on its way out.  However, the dwindling spiral of addiction does not have to be followed to its end result of death for the user.  In fact, anyone can beat a drug or alcohol addiction habit if he or she has the will and persistence to do so.  For Provo addicts, the cure to their addictions lies in a course through an inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction treatment center and program.  Only at a center like this in Provo will an addicted resident really be able to beat his or her habit.

Highlights of Provo, Utah

There are more things that make Provo special than just being a stellar place to finally kick a drug habit.  For example, in 2009, Provo was listed in Where to Retire magazine as an “enticing city for new careers.”  Provo was also listed in National Geographic Adventure magazine’s “where to live and play” as a cultural hub.  In 2010, Forbes rated Provo one of the top 10 places to raise a family.  Additionally, in 2013, Forbes ranked Provo the No. 2 city on its list of Best Places for Business and Careers.  This is a great city to start over in, which only further heightens the need for its addicted residents to enter into a rehabilitation center to stop abusing drugs and alcohol.

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