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Texas doesn’t do anything small-scale. From sports teams to cooking, Texans firmly hold to the belief that bigger is almost always better. This “go big or go home” mentality in the Lone Star State leads to pride at being the best in many categories, but drug use should not be one of them.

No one wants to be known for increasing drug use rates, but Texas is heading in that direction. Despite its current standing as having lower drug use rates than the national average, that could all change with massive increases in the amount of drugs that are coming over the Mexican border and through the state.

The majority of marijuana that is imported into the United States comes through Texas, for example. Another major area of increased imports is methamphetamine. For the last few decades, most of the quantity of this drug that was consumed in America was produced in homemade “meth labs” hidden in American basements and back rooms. In recent years, however, Mexican cartels figured out that they could make an enormous sum of money by mass producing the drug and shipping it over the border.

Texans have a lot of reasons to be proud of their state, and they could add to the list by working to combat the surge of drug in their communities. This will start with increasing drug education and then increasing access to rehab facilities for all Texas citizens.

What Drugs are Used in Texas

One of the best ways to educate the community on drug use and how to prevent it is to help everyone understand what drugs are actually being used. Without the knowledge of what drugs are being consumed in the greatest quantities, no one really knows what they should be looking for.

An excellent resource for getting educated on this subject is the Texas Drug Control Update. This is a document periodically created by the Federal Government that examines what drugs are being used most often in every state of the Union. When law enforcement, anti-drug advocates and even individual families have this information, they can start making a real effort to combat the drug use that is happening all around us.

One important statistic that the most recent Drug Control Update highlighted was the fact that the number of meth lab seizures increased from 93 incidents in 2007 to 155 incidents in 2009. This means that even with the increase in Mexican production of meth, there are still hundreds of meth labs operating right under our noses throughout the state. It’s vital to learn the signs of an operation meth lab and to be willing to report it to police in a timely manner. By doing so, we can keep our communities safe from these health hazards.

On that note of being informed and willing to take action, here are the drugs that are being used most often in Texas. This ranking is calculated based on the number of people that are admitted for drug abuse treatment for each category of drug.

Marijuana: This is by far the most popular drug in Texas right now. One main reason for that popularity, as mentioned before, is that the main routes of importing foreign weed into America all come through Texas. With such a large border to maintain, it can be difficult to close all the gaps that drug cartels will try to use to bring their product into our towns and cities. One recent strategy has involved constructing underground tunnels that extend for hundreds of yards on either side of the border. While these tunnels can cost millions of dollars, drug cartels still make millions more in profits through the marijuana they are able to smuggle in.

Cocaine: This is another drug that is primarily produced in Latin America that is then smuggled into the United States. With its high level of wealth, the US is the main consumer for many types of drugs, and drug cartels will go to any lengths to sell them to us. It is likely due to Texas’s proximity to these drug smuggling superhighways that the state still has such high levels of cocaine abuse while the drug is trending downward in many other areas of the country.

Heroin: Heroin and other opiates have long been some of the most dangerous drugs to plague the United States. Users quickly become addicted to this powerful nervous system depressant, and they can also easily overdose by a small miscalculation in the amount that they take. One reason for a recent surge in heroin use all over the country has been due to a rise in the amount of prescription opiate painkillers doctors are prescribing by the millions. An addiction to heroin can closely follow the addiction to one of the multitude of these other drugs.

Stimulants: The category of stimulants encompasses many drugs, but one of the main culprits is methamphetamine. With the double whammy of homemade meth and mass-produced Mexican meth now flooding the state, this is one of the most widespread and dangerous drugs that we need to keep out of our communities and away from our children.

Prescription Opiates: As mentioned under the  Heroin section, these pain pills are rapidly growing in the numbers they are abused by residents of Texas and the rest of the United States. The massive numbers that they are prescribed in are part of the cause, but there is also the fact that the “legal” status of the drug can interest many casual users that would be too scared to try illegal drugs. Getting curious about drug use and then borrowing or even stealing these pills from family and friends  has led many young people down the path of hardcore drug use.

Some of the other drugs abused in Texas include sedatives, tranquilizers, PCP, hallucinogens and inhalants. While all of these drugs are still dangerous, none of them are used at nearly the same rates as these preceding five categories of drugs.

How Texans Can Start to Get the Drug Treatment They Need

Getting effective drug treatment starts at home. If you care about the people around you, it’s vital to be on the watch for any symptoms of drug abuse. No one becomes an addict overnight, after all. In almost all cases, a drug user starts out small, such as only occasionally smoking weed or alcohol. As softer drugs don’t have the same effect anymore and don’t give the powerful high that the drug user starts to crave, he can get interested in using more powerful narcotics.

You can stop this trend by educating yourself on drug use symptoms and then by being willing to get your families and friends drug rehabilitation quickly. Don’t stall and wait to see if the drug abuse gets better on its own. In almost all cases it won’t. Have the courage to research natural and effective drug treatment centers in your area and even out of state if you need to. In the end, your work will pay off by helping any drug using loved one to get back onto the real path of health and happiness that can only be achieved through sobriety.

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