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Clarksville is a popular city in and the county seat of Montgomery County in the U.S. state of Tennessee.  Clarksville is actually the fifth-largest city in the state behind Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga respectively.  The city had an overall population of 132,957 at the 2010 census, and an estimated population of 135,990 in the year 2014.

As for its history, the city of Clarksville was incorporated in 1785 as Tennessee’s first ever incorporated city, and named for one of the nation’s most renowned heroes, General George Rogers Clark, frontier fighter and Revolutionary War hero both, and brother of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Clarksville is now the home of many famous organizations such as the Austin Peay State University, The Leaf-Chronicle, (the oldest newspaper in Tennessee); and neighbor to the Fort Campbell, United States Army base.

As for its economy, Clarksville is one of the most well-off cities in the state of Tennessee, and it has been fairly stable all throughout history.  The city gets much of its income from the nearby army base, and the city itself also has a high influx of tourists and college student every year as well.

Clarksville and the State of Tennessee: Addiction Statistics for a Struggling State

Like many other cities and states, Clarksville and the state of Tennessee as a whole are both struggling with quite a serious addiction crisis currently.  For many residents of Clarksville, addiction has stricken close to home.  To better understand the situation and to add context as to what exactly is occurring in Clarksville, the state of Tennessee, and the nation at large, some facts and statistics have been included below:

• Tennessee averages 143 prescriptions per 100 people.  There’s a huge prescription pain killer abuse problem.

• In Tennessee, the number of drug overdose deaths increased 220% between 1999 (342 deaths) to 2012 (1,094 deaths).  Among all addictive substances students have tried, prescription drugs ranked fourth (15%), after alcohol (63%), cigarettes (43%), and marijuana (37%).  These numbers reflect a harsh reality but addiction is not a hopeless disease, help is available.

• Contrary to popular belief, alcohol abuse and addiction actually far more damaging to one’s health than the abuse of most drugs.  Just the simple act of consuming alcohol excessively contributes to well over two-hundred different known diseases and overall injury-related health conditions in humans.  To show a statistic on this, in the year 2012 over five percent of the entire, combined, world-wide burden of disease and injury all across the planet was attributable to simple alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse.

• Alcohol abuse and addiction has created serious issues all across the world.  Alcohol misuse is actually the fifth leading risk factor for premature death and disability worldwide.  In fact, this issue is even worse for a very broad age group.  Amongst people between the ages of fifteen and forty-nine alcohol abuse is the most common cause of premature death.

Fighting an Addiction Battle in Clarksville

For anyone who becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol, the path to sobriety is not an easy one to walk by far.  In fact, it is very, very difficult to free oneself of addiction once one has become heavily afflicted.  Many never make it out of addiction, and tens of thousands of Americans die every year because of addiction.

This is where inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers come into play.  For heavily afflicted and addicted residents of Clarksville, inpatient rehab is most likely the only way out of the trap.

It is only at inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction and rehabilitation centers that one can fully and truly gain access to all of the tools, therapies, counseling methods, group sessions, detox services, coping strategies, relapse prevention techniques, life skills educations, and electives necessary to be able to confront life on one’s own without having to turn to drugs or alcohol just to get by.  This is the saving grace for Clarksville’s addicted populace, and for those in the city who are addicted, it is highly advised of them to seek out inpatient rehabilitation as soon as it is possible and before it is too late.

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