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The city of Pierre is the capitol of the state of South Dakota and it is also the county seat of Hughes County.  The population of this capital city was 13,646 at the 2010 census, making it in fact the second least populous state capitol after Montpelier, Vermont.  Founded in the year 1880 on the Missouri River opposite Fort Pierre, Pierre has been the capitol ever since South Dakota gained statehood on November 2, 1889, having been chosen for its location in the popular geographic center of the state.  Fort Pierre itself was named after Pierre Chateau, Jr., an American fur trader of French origin who was one of the initial explorers and pioneers of that area.

Pierre is the principal city of the Pierre Micropolitan Statistical Area as well as being the capitol of the state.  Pierre lies on rough and beautiful river bluffs that overlook the Missouri River.  The city is just a few miles away from Lake Oahe, one of the largest man-made lakes in the world and a very popular fishing destination for individuals all across South Dakota and the surrounding states.

Drug Addiction Facts and Statistics for Pierre, South Dakota

Drug addiction has been an increasingly concerning issue for residents of the United States for the last decade.  In fact, drug addiction and alcohol abuse has alike risen to all-time highs since the turn of the century, and shows absolutely no sign of relaxing or letting down in the near future.  For residents of Pierre, and for residents all across South Dakota for that matter, are struggling most with cocaine and crystal methamphetamine addiction.  Listed below are just a few facts and statistics on this issue, to draw context to the severity of the crisis at hand:

• Crystal meth is increasing in popularity rather rapidly.  For example, more than one and a half million Americans over the age of twelve try meth every year, and a high percentage of those who try it then become addicted to it.

• Crystal meth is particularly appeasing and is almost solely directed at young adults, and the addictions to it that result plague the various younger populations of the United States.  To provide some factual data on this, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, (NIDA), found that over one and a half percent of eighth graders, almost two percent of tenth graders, and over three percent of twelfth graders are actually addicted to crystal meth.

• Cocaine is becoming increasingly more popular amongst young adults.  For example, among high-school students in the United States, almost a full ten percent of twelfth graders had used cocaine according to the special 2006 Monitoring the Future Study done by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, (NIDA).

Finding Recovery in Pierre, South Dakota

For an individual who is struggling with addiction in Pierre, the future can look quite grim indeed.  One must not lose hope however, for anyone can beat a drug or alcohol addiction at any time, if the incentive and force of will is there.  In fact, it is quite a realistic prospect to beat an addiction, but it takes a significant amount of work and time to do so.

The safest, best, most successful, and most effective way to beat a drug or alcohol addiction, particularly for residents of Pierre who are addicted to cocaine and crystal meth, is to go through an inpatient rehabilitation program.  Inpatient rehab centers offer safe and secure services that can make an individual’s attempt at kicking a drug habit a much more realistic prospect.

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