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If there’s one thing everyone knows about South Dakota, it is that the state is home to Mount Rushmore, the site of four of our most famous presidents carved into the side of a mountain. In some ways it is evocative of a state of patriotic, small-town Americans. It gives you an image of a group of people that would never be involved in anything unsavory. That image would be incorrect, however, because South Dakota wrestles with some of the same problems that have befallen the rest of the country.

In particular, South Dakota residents are still struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. While the rates of abuse and the deaths caused by drugs may be slightly better than the national average, this is no reason to turn our backs on the problems that are still present. North and South Dakota are currently seeing a huge influx of residents as the natural gas industry is booming in this area, and this could lead to even higher rates of drug addiction and overdose deaths.

Whenever an area becomes flush with new money, a lot of that money can be funneled into dangerous and destructive drug use. It is important for the residents of South Dakota’s communities to fight against drug addiction and to help addicts get effective treatment now, before the problem gets any worse.

What Drugs are Used Most Often in South Dakota

An excellent resource for determining drug use rates in South Dakota is the number of people that report to drug rehab centers for addiction rehabilitation and treatment.  By finding out who is using what drugs to the degree that they feel they are damaging their lives, we can determine what drugs are the biggest targets for law for community anti-drug efforts.

This type of self-reporting can be more accurate than other methods of determining what drugs are rampant in a community. When drug users turn themselves in for treatment, they are being honest about what drugs they have been on and what they need help overcoming. This is opposed to other methods of obtaining the data where the drug users might feel threatened or in danger of getting in trouble with the law if they are honest about what drugs they are on.

According to the data compiled in the South Dakota Drug Control Update, the state’s drug use trends match many other states across the country. In other words, it is facing many of the same problems that communities across the nation are trying to figure out how to handle. Here are the top drugs that South Dakota is currently dealing with.

Marijuana. This is far and away the most highly abused drug in the state. Unlike many states where it has been legalized, possession of an ounce of marijuana is still a crime in South Dakota. As it is a very conservative state, this is not likely to change in the near future, either. Even if it was legalized, this would only serve to drive marijuana usage rates further up, getting even more people dependent on this drug.

Stimulants. The second-most abused form of drug in South Dakota consists of stimulants such as methamphetamine. The use of this drug spreads easily around the country because it is made at home in “meth labs.” These basements and back rooms contain deadly amounts of toxic chemicals, and they usually poison the homes they are hidden in so badly that the buildings have to be torn down after the labs are discovered by law enforcement.

Opiates. This category is one of the fastest growing types of drug abuse not only in South Dakota, but around the country. Doctors have written out millions of prescriptions for opiate painkillers in recent decades, and the result is hundreds of thousands of Americans becoming addicted to these powerful drugs. They are chemically very similar to heroin, so it is no surprise that pain pill users often turn to this even harder (but cheaper) drug when they run out of money to pain for their Vicodin or Oxycontin.

Cocaine. This used to be one of the most abused drugs across the entire country, but in recent years it has lost ground to other drugs. While it’s never a bad thing to see any drug start to be used less, the grim reality is that most former cocaine users are simply switching to other hard drugs.

Several other forms of drugs are used in South Dakota besides these most popular choices. Heroin, ecstasy, PCP and many other drugs are all used in the state, but they aren’t used at rates that reach anywhere close to the top four. Just because they aren’t used as often doesn’t mean that they aren’t also dangerous, however.

Heroin usage rates are expected to shoot up after the higher rates of prescription opioid usage the state has been experiencing, and others could soon become more popular, as well. With such a huge influx of new residents coming into the Dakotas, it’s hard to predict exactly what drug habits they’ll bring with them.

How to Help Drug Addicts Through South Dakota Drug Rehab Facilities

Despite its drug usage rates, South Dakota doesn’t have the same level of access to rehab centers that other states are privileged with. When someone gets addicted to any drug in South Dakota, there often are not a lot of choices to get real help or treatment.

It’s important for any family with an addicted loved one to be willing to look beyond the borders of South Dakota. Often the perfect rehab center for your needs won’t actually be in the state at all. If you have to leave the state completely to find a center that will fit your loved one’s needs, then that is what you need to do.

There are several key factors that can help you determine whether or not you have found the right rehab center. The first is whether or not the rehab can commit itself to the goal of full rehabilitation into a state of sobriety. Many centers will tell you outright that they think addiction is an incurable disease. They will tell you this as if it is a fact (even though nothing could be further from the truth.) Addiction is not a disease. It is a set of behaviors that an addict can overcome if he has the right training and has had the chance to detoxify his body from the drugs he has used. If the rehab center you are considering is not willing to go for the goal of complete sobriety, they may even tell you to expect a relapse. This is a sign you need to keep on looking.

When you find the right rehab center, you will encounter caring, competent staff that want to help your loved one live a happy, healthy life completely free of drugs. They will also have the statistics to back up an excellent success rate at helping addicts stop using drugs. If the center can’t show you any evidence of a positive success rate, it is another sign you need to keep on moving.

Don’t give up on your search! Keep on looking till you find the rehab center that will treat your family like their family and stop at nothing to help your loved one live without drugs.

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