Greenville is a midsize city in South Carolina.  With a population of 62,252 as of the 2014 estimate, Greenville it is the sixth-largest city in the state of South Carolina.  The population of the city and its recent increases has made it the fastest growing city in the entire state.  Greenville is sought out by many all across the country for its growing economy and attractive climate and geography.

Greenville has gained its recognition and fame that has attracted so many new visitors and residents because of various national publications such as “Money”, which ranked Greenville as one of the “Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the U.S.” “Bloomberg” named Greenville the 3rd Strongest Job Market in 2010.  The well-known magazine, “Forbes” named Greenville the 13th Best City for Young Professionals.  Additionally, the state of South Carolina has been ranked within the top 10 fastest-growing states and economies by the U.S. Commerce Department, which has contributed immensely to the growth of the city and the surrounding areas.

Cocaine and Prescription Drug Addiction and Abuse in Greenville

Wherever wealth, fame, growth, and good economy go, drugs follow.  South Carolina as an entire state has always struggled the most with cocaine abuse, but nowadays the increases in wealth and growth of the state and of Greenville has also brought on significant rises in prescription drug addiction.  Listed below are just a few statistics on the cocaine and prescription drug addiction crisis, so that the reader can understand just how dire of a situation that Greenville and the entire state of South Carolina is facing:

• Emergency department visits as a result of drug abuse have come up a lot lately as a serious increase in the United States.  The horrible truth is that the drugs being abused today rate far more potent, addictive, deadly, and dangerous than they were thirty year ago.   For example, just the emergency room visits caused by only prescription drug abuse increased more than a fully ninety-eight percent between the year of 2004 and 2009.

• According to breaking report done by the National Institute in Drug Abuse, (NIDA), prescription drug abuse has quickly become one of the top public health concerns in the United States of the 21st century.  The number of drug overdose deaths every year in the U.S., (a sad majority of which actually result from legal, supposedly “safe” prescription drugs), doubled in 29 states since the year1999.

• In the United States and some other countries, just under nine out of every ten poisoning-related deaths are caused by drugs, both legal prescription drugs and illegal street drugs.

• Crack cocaine is the newest and most popular way to abuse cocaine, particularly in South Carolina.  Crack cocaine abuse has spiraled out of control in the United States, and is now rivaling the crystal meth epidemic.  For example, crack cocaine was actually the primary drug of choice in 178,475 admissions to treatment in 2006.  This high number represented over seventy percent of all primary cocaine admissions to treatment in that year, making crack cocaine far more popular than powder cocaine.

Fighting Addiction in Greenville: How to Break the Habit Once and for All

Once one has become addicted to cocaine or prescription drugs, it is next to impossible to beat the habit on one’s own.  In fact, studies show that only about five percent of addicted prescription drug abusers are able to rid themselves of the addiction on their own, and only about two percent of cocaine addicts can kick the habit by themselves.

This is where inpatient, residential, drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers and programs come into play.  Inpatient rehabilitation is the answer to addiction in Greenville, because only inpatient centers offer the tools and means necessary to allow one to be able to confront, eradicate, and get rid of any and all drug addiction symptoms on both physical and mental levels.  The path ahead may be a tough one for addicts in Greenville, but it can be walked, and it must be walked in order to guarantee a happy future.

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