Pawtucket is a well-known city of 71,148 residents founded in 1671.  The city rests in one of the oldest states of the United States, Rhode Island.  The city sits at the strategic falls of the Blackstone River and the upper tidewaters of Narragansett Bay.  This location has made for increasing numbers of tourist revenue and tourism over the decades.

Pawtucket is a city with a special place in the industrial history of the United States, not only for its immense production but also for its moving history.  Pawtucket was the location at which the Slater Mill Historic Site was successfully constructed by Mr. Samuel Slater.  This mill was one of the first of its kind, and it operated machines for spinning cotton yarn in 1793.  Besides textiles, a variety of machines and iron working shops grew up alongside the textile industry of the United States, which in many ways had its home in Pawtucket.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction on the Rise in Pawtucket

For Pawtucket, this city has rarely felt the intense ups and downs of drug and alcohol addiction and abuse that have swept across the United States at different times over the years.  This is no longer the case.  Now the city stands like many others nearby do, heavy with the throes of drug addiction and substance abuse.  The two main substances that are abused the most in Pawtucket are cocaine and alcohol, a grim and miserable mix at best.  To top it off, these drugs are being abused mostly by young adults and adolescents.  To gain some more insight into this, some facts and statistics on cocaine and alcohol abuse have been included below:

• According to the 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health survey into adolescent, addictive drinking, approximately five and a half million young adults between the ages of 12 and 20 were heavy binge drinkers.

• According to the 2013 NSDUH, approximately a full one and a half million individuals, (about four percent of this age group) from the ages of 12 to 20 were heavy, daily, dangerous drinkers.

• Research done by multiple different groups and affiliates indicates that alcohol abuse during the teenage years could interfere with normal adolescent brain development in both young men and women.  Alcohol abuse at this age can also increase the risk of developing a life-long, full-fledged alcohol addiction and dependence habit. To top it all off, underage drinking contributes to a range of acute consequences including but not limited to: injuries, sexual assaults, accidents, damages to others, violence, failures, and even deaths.

Seeking Resolution and Sobriety: How to Beat a Drug or Alcohol Habit in Pawtucket

Being addicted to drugs or alcohol is certainly a life threatening ordeal in and of itself.  It does not have to be a death sentence however.  Drug addiction and alcohol abuse can be resolved, even in young adults to whom it affects more than any other age range of individual drug or alcohol abusers.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse can be effectively resolved through a full and complete course through an inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction recovery center and program.  Inpatient rehab centers provide the safest and most effective treatment for individuals who are sorely and completely addicted to cocaine, alcohol, or any other drug or substance for that matter.  Inpatient rehab programs offer the best detoxification services to negate chemical and physical dependence, and they also offer the best counseling, therapy, and rehabilitative services to assist an individual in breaking the mental and spiritual connection that he or she has set up with drugs and alcohol.

For individuals in Pawtucket, the end is not near, and in fact each and every addicted individual has a chance at sobriety through inpatient rehabilitation.

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