East Providence is a popular city in Providence County, Rhode Island, in the United States.  The population of the city was 47,037 at the 2010 United States Census Bureau published census, which made it the fifth largest city in the state.

As for the history of this legendary town, in 1641 the Plymouth Colony purchased from the Indians a large tract of land which today includes the northern half of East Providence (from Watchemoket to Rumford), Rehoboth, Massachusetts, Seekonk, Massachusetts, and part of Pawtucket.  Settlement of the land begun instantly, and the geographical area that is now East Providence had buildings constructed on it almost immediately.

As of the census of 2000, there were 48,688 people, 20,530 households, and 12,851 families residing in the city of East Providence.  The city has recently created a wise commission charged with facilitating and directing the strategic redevelopment of old industrial sites and brown fields along most of East Providence’s 14-mile coastline.  This would serve to revamp this area of East Providence as well as bring in more tourism revenue for the city at large.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Across East Providence

Like many other cities along the East Coast of the United States, East Providence, Rhode Island has begun to struggle immensely with drug and alcohol addiction.  This was not nearly as severe of a problem in years past, but it most definitely is now.  The main drugs that are being abused in East Providence are cocaine, (appearing in both forms of powdered cocaine and rock, crack cocaine), and prescription pills.

These two drugs have been immensely popular along the East Coast of the United States in recent years.  In fact, most individuals who become addicted to cocaine in East Providence will eventually switch to prescription drugs as they are legal and easier to get ahold of.

To gain some context on the severity’s of the abuse of these two drugs, a few facts and statistics have been listed below regarding them:

• Cocaine is a $35 billion illicit industry that now exceeds Columbia’s top export of coffee.

• Cocaine hydrochloride is very stable. It binds closely to the ink in paper currency. FBI chemists have discovered that traces of cocaine can be found on almost every dollar bill in circulation.  This draws reference to just how prevalent and wide-spread cocaine abuse is in the United States.

• As for cocaine abuse in the workplace, one in ten workers knows someone who uses cocaine on the job.

• Fifty-two million people in the United States, starting with individuals over the age of 12, have used prescription drugs non-medically in their lifetime or for abusive or recreational purposes or reasons.

Rehabilitation in East Providence: How to Beat a Drug Habit

For individuals struggling with drug addiction in East Providence, the chance at a recovery may seem slight indeed, but definitely are attainable if one enlists the help of an inpatient rehabilitation center.  For decades cocaine has been listed and marked as the most difficult drug habit to kick of all the drugs in existence, and prescription drugs create powerful chemical dependencies that make them very difficult to pull away from as well.

Inpatient rehabilitation offers a resolution and a way out of all of these difficult situations.  At an inpatient rehabilitation center, one will be safely and securely away from any prescription drugs or cocaine substances.  In an inpatient rehab center, one will be able to experience a full detoxification program to rid oneself of the harmful, physical effects of cocaine addiction.  In a rehab program one will also be able to experience the benefits of all of the various different counseling methods, therapies, group sessions, classes, electives, life skills training, and other services offered to assist one with staying away from cocaine and prescription pills after leaving the rehab center.

For one so addicted in East Providence, his or her addiction does not have to mean the end of the line.  Individuals kick their drug habits all the time, and inpatient rehab centers are the solution for anyone addicted in East Providence.

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