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Reading is a well-known and popular city in Pennsylvania.  The city has a population of 87,893 and is the fifth-largest city in the state of Pennsylvania.  According to the 2010 census, Reading has the highest share of citizens living in poverty in the entire nation, having suffered greatly across almost all economic sectors in the last few decades.  In 2012, the New York Times Magazine called Reading, “The nation’s poorest city”.  Reading has its share of obstacles to overcome, namely crime, and this may have contributed to the below average economy in this city.

The city, situated as it is approximately halfway between the huge metropolis of Philadelphia and the state capital of Harrisburg, is actually strategically situated along a major and important transportation route from Central Pennsylvania to Eastern Pennsylvania.

As for a historic note, Reading lent its name to the now nonexistent Reading Railroad, which at the time was responsible for transporting coal from the Pennsylvania Coal Region to the eastern United States and beyond.  Actually, the Reading Railroad is one of the four railroad properties in the classic United States version of the Monopoly board game.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Strikes Home in Even the Poorest of Cities

Drug addiction and substance abuse strike hard in any American city that experiences it to a greater degree than most cities.  For Reading, this sudden increase around the turn of the century in drug addiction and substance abuse has caused even more damage and wrecked even more havoc in a city that is already down on its luck.  For Reading residents, poor and often unemployed as they are, a proliferation of drugs throughout the city was all that was needed.

Unfortunately, like many other cities all across Pennsylvania, this is exactly what has happened.  All across Pennsylvania heroin and synthetic marijuana have been making significant impacts and resonating with high frequencies across all avenues and sectors of human interaction.  For context, some facts and statistics on the drug problem in Reading and all across Pennsylvania have been included below:

• In the state of Pennsylvania alone, over ninety-thousand youths abuse drugs on a monthly basis at the very least.

• More than sixty-eight percent of young adults used alcohol within the previous month in Pennsylvania.

• Pennsylvania carries with it one of the highest percentages of individuals per capita who abuse heroin on a regular basis.

• In 2014, the coroner’s office of the state of Pennsylvania reported 72 drug overdose deaths from synthetic marijuana, a drug that is marketed as being safe and harmless.

• At least 2,489 people in the state of Pennsylvania died of overdoses of drugs in the year 2014.

Finding Recovery and Rehabilitation in Reading

For Reading residents, it is not easy to beat their addictions.  In fact, it is immensely difficult for anyone to beat an addiction to drugs, regardless of where they live.  However, for addicted individuals in Reading, there may yet be an answer.

Since the early 1900s, inpatient rehabilitation programs have proven to be the most successful, safest, most secure, most comprehensive, and most involved and extensive approach to drug addiction and substance abuse.  Inpatient rehabilitation centers can address any addict’s personal addiction, because inpatient rehabs have the staff, experience, and facilities necessary to service anyone.

Having a drug addiction in Reading does not have to be a death sentence.  In fact, tens of thousands of Americans recover from drug addiction all across the United States on an annual basis.  Inpatient rehab centers all across the country are standing by and ready to help addicted individuals from Reading, but it is the individuals themselves who must take the first step in kicking their respective drug habits.

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