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Pittsburgh is well-known for being the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The city has a population of 305,842 and it is the county seat of Allegheny County.  Pittsburgh is known broadly as both “the Steel City”, (for its more than 300 steel-related businesses), as well as “the City of Bridges” for its famous 446 bridges.  The vital link that is created by Pittsburgh of the Atlantic coast and the Midwest through the mineral-rich Alleghenies has made the area coveted throughout recorded history by the French and British Empires, Virginia, Whiskey Rebels, Civil War raiders and media networks alike.

Pittsburgh is a highly industrial and very economically proficient city.  Aside from steel, Pittsburgh has led in aluminum, glass, shipbuilding, petroleum, foods, sports, transportation, computing, autos, and electronics.  The city has been so proficient in fact, that for much of the 20th century Pittsburgh came behind only New York and Chicago as far as corporate headquarters and employment statistics go.

Pittsburgh is also famous for having been named America’s Most Livable City by Forbes Magazine.  The city has also been named The Most Economically Desirable City, by National Geographic.  Today Magazine named the city a top, world destination.  The area has added over 3,000 hotel rooms in the last decade alone.

Heroin Addiction Climbing Above All Else in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has experienced some alarming increases in drug abuse issues in the last decade.  Prominent amongst these is heroin abuse and addiction, but the city as a whole has experienced increases in all measured drug abuse and addiction statistics amongst all abused drugs.

Drug abuse effects more than just the individual drug addicts in Pittsburgh too.  In fact, the situation in Pittsburgh has become so drastic that one in ten Pittsburgh residents say they know someone who is struggling with a severe addiction, and one in fifteen say they are closely connected to a drug addict just within the city.  To gain some context on the drug problem in Pittsburgh and in the state as a whole, some published facts and statistics have been included below:

• The rate of drug-induced deaths in Pennsylvania is unfortunately significantly higher than the national average.

• Whereas most sates rank marijuana as being the most commonly cited drug for drug addiction treatment center admissions, heroin is the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in Pennsylvania.

• As an unfortunate and direct consequence of drug use, 1,812 persons died in Pennsylvania in the year 2007 alone.

• There were an even three-hundred overdose deaths in Allegheny County in the year 2014 alone, more than ever before in recorded history. Seventy-five percent of these involved opioid drugs substances.

Curing the Habit: What to Do About Addiction in Pittsburgh

The best way to beat a drug habit in Pittsburgh is through inpatient rehabilitation.  Particularly for heroin abusers, inpatient rehabilitation is a must.  In fact, without inpatient rehabilitation and the extensive detoxification services and involved counseling and therapy modalities included, heroin addicts stand little to no chance of ever beating the habit.

Fighting an addiction, whether it is to heroin or to any other type of drug or alcohol, has never been an easy or simple task.  In fact, many individuals who attempt to beat their addictions fail, and many more die in the attempt.  This is why engaging in inpatient rehabilitation is so very important.  Rehab centers assist addicted individuals on multiple levels.

For Pittsburgh residents, rehab centers provide the correct type of detoxification facilities that are needed to assist them in beating their habits successfully on a physical, chemical basis.  After that, counseling, therapy, group sessions, courses, electives, life skills, training, relapse prevention, and adult reintegration steps are all used to bring home to a recovered addict all of the tools that he or she will need to stay sober for the rest of his or her life.  The help is there to be had within a rehab center, but Pittsburgh residents must be the ones who reach out and grasp it.

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