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Erie is a mid-sized city located in northwestern Pennsylvania, United States.  Named after both the lake and the Native American tribe that resided along its southern shore, Erie is the state’s fourth-largest city ranking in with a population of 102,000.  The city is highly sought after amongst Pennsylvania residents and is considered one of the top tourism destinations in the state.

Very much like Pittsburgh to the south, once teeming with heavy industry and construction, Erie’s manufacturing and industrial sector remains prominent in the local economy, but service industries, healthcare, higher education, and tourism are emerging as greater economic drivers since the turn of the century.  For example, millions visit Erie for recreation at prominent locations like Presque Isle State Park, as well as very popular attractions like casinos and horse racetracks.

Erie is nicknamed and known as the Flagship City because of its status as the home port of Oliver Hazard Perry’s infamous flagship Niagara.  The city has also been called the Gem City because of the sparkling and beautiful lake.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse Running Rampant through Erie

Drug addiction is on the rise in Erie, like it is in many other cities all across Pennsylvania.  For Erie, the problem strikes home as the city is not a huge metropolitan area like other, bigger Pennsylvania cities.  Even with a population of over one-hundred thousand individuals, many who die from drug overdoses in Erie are known by many others in the community, and the toll these deaths take are felt more strongly than they perhaps would be in other, more heavily urban areas.

For a better understanding of just what is occurring in cities like Erie all over Pennsylvania, a few statistics and facts have been included below for context:

• There were exactly 49 drug-related accidental deaths in Erie County in both the years 2012 and 2013.  While the statistic did not go up between 2012 and 2013, and in fact stayed the same, the number is rising compared to other years.  There were only 18 such deaths in 2010 and 39 in 2011.

• Alarmingly, the number of accidental overdose deaths attributed to heroin in Erie county increased to 60 percent in 2013 from 20 percent in 2012.  Heroin is rapidly becoming a serious issue in Erie and all across the state of Pennsylvania.

• State police all across the state of Pennsylvania seized about 90 pounds of heroin during the first six months of 2014 and 68 pounds during the entire year of 2013.  As for 2015, the seizures already topped 100 pounds of heroin by the end of June.

• The attorney general’s office of the state of Pennsylvania says that Pennsylvania has about 40,000 heroin users.

Solutions for Addiction: What can be Done in Erie

Whereas many who become addicted to drugs in Pennsylvania never do beat their habits, as the overdose death rates show, there does exist a way to beat drug addiction once and for all and achieve sobriety and a lifetime of recovery.

This is not an easy path to walk by any means at all, but with the help and assistance of inpatient, residential rehabilitation programs, it can definitely be done and it is achieved annually by tens of thousands of addicted Americans.  Inpatient, residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation centers and programs are truly the best chance at getting clean in Erie.

For Erie residents, the types of drugs that are being abused here cannot be kicked without professional help without also seriously risking one’s life.  This is where inpatient rehab centers step in.  With professional detoxification services, counseling sessions, therapy interviews, group meetings, and various life skill building electives, inpatient rehab centers truly offer hope to addicted Erie residents.

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