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Getting help for your drug abuse and addiction is easier than you may think. One call to our hotline will get you started on the path to recovery. Helpful representatives will guide you through a variety of personalized options right in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

The city of Tulsa is primarily located within Tulsa County, but also encompasses sections of Osage, Rogers, and Wagoner Counties. Famous Tulsa residents include members of the former pop band, Hanson, actor Gary Busey, and Jennifer Berry, the Miss America winner from 2006.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Tulsa, Oklahoma

From 2007 to 2008, Oklahoma residents reported using illegal painkillers at a higher rate than any other state in the nation. According to information distributed by the White House, in 2007 alone, 687 residents died as a result of drug abuse and addiction. Some of the drugs of abuse in Oklahoma include:

• Marijuana;
• Stimulants;
• Other Opiates;
• Cocaine; and
• Heroin.

Sadly, abuse of prescription medication is not a problem limited to Oklahoma. As doctors are prescribing painkillers at historic rates, more patients are becoming addicted. Many then turn to illegal avenues to obtain the drug when the prescription becomes unavailable. When the cost of prescription medication on the street becomes too high, many addicts turn to cheaper alternatives, such as Heroin.

Unfortunately, Tulsa is not immune to this problem, which has spread rapidly across the nation. Tulsa officials, however, are taking proactive measures in an effort to reduce the impact of drug abuse on their community. One of the efforts taken by Tulsa officials is to equip city police officers and first responders with Naloxone, or Narcan. Naloxone is the antidote to an Opiate overdose and can be administered by first responders who come to the scene. In its first year of use, 19 Tulsa area residents have avoided death through administration of this life saving drug.

Another step taken by the Tulsa community is to put more emphasis on prevention of abuse. The goal is to thwart drug abuse and addiction before it begins by putting more focus on preventative measures. Currently, Tulsa spends most of its mental health budget on treatment of individuals who already have a long established mental illness. One new program that is gaining popularity is SBIRT. This acronym stands for Screening, Brief, Intervention, Referral, and Treatment and the objective is to help medical professionals identify and prevent drug abuse. The doctor would then follow up with the addict as they continue to treat with their primary care physician.

The final major player in Tulsa’s battle against drug abuse is the COURTS program. This program offers a specialized plan for nonviolent drug offenders, which includes therapy sessions, court appearances, probation appointments, drug testing, and community service involvement. As an addict’s condition begins to improve, he or she is then required to find employment or enroll in an educational institution. The aim of the program is to reintegrate the offender back into society in a meaningful way. Not only does this help the offender, but it also costs far less than incarceration and drastically reduces recidivism.

Recovery from Drug Abuse and Addiction in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you are ready to take a step towards a happy, healthy, and drug-free lifestyle, please call our hotline today. The professionals at Tulsa drug rehabilitation facilities will guide you through the process with the respect and dignity you deserve. Call now to get on the path to recovery.         

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