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Not only is Oklahoma City home to about 620,602 people, but it is also home to a large population of livestock. The city’s livestock industry is one of the most expansive in the entire world. The oil business also thrives in this capital city, since it sits on a functional oil field. Oil drilling machinery can be seen all across the city.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Area

Oklahoma is facing a deadly problem of substance abuse and addiction. According to the Oklahoma Drug Control Update issued by the White House, Oklahoma had the highest rate of illicit painkiller abuse of all the states in the nation. In fact, in 2014, about 321 people died in Oklahoma from overdosing on Oxycodone or Hydrocodone alone.

This painkiller addiction epidemic is a function of severe and persistent over prescribing by medical professionals. Doctors have been prescribing these pills at record levels for anything from a broken bone to a toothache. As the patient becomes addicted to the substance, they often turn to the street to obtain it illegally.

Luckily, authorities are cracking down on unnecessary prescription medications, which may reduce the number of painkiller deaths in the future. Unfortunately, the unavailability of illicit pain medication may make addicts turn to other substances, such as Heroin, to fulfill their cravings. In fact, of those with a Heroin addiction, 45% were also addicted to painkillers. Oklahoma isn’t the only area experiencing an increase in Heroin abuse and addiction, the problem is now nationwide.

Some addicts go beyond Heroin and use drugs like “Krokodil,” which is derived from prescription drugs using substances like paint thinner and gasoline. Addicts are attracted to this new drug, which had an uprising in 2013, because it is cheaper than Heroin. The side effects, however, are extremely graphic and include gangrene, vain collapse, infection, and almost certain death. The drug turns the user’s skin green and scaly, like a crocodile, which is how the drug got its name.

Sadly, Oklahoma City has become the focus of Columbian and Mexican drug cartels. The city acts as a distribution gateway to other cities across the nation. The drugs being transported by cartels include:

• Cocaine;
• Methamphetamines;
• Heroin; and
• Marijuana.

While the city is responding to the influx of drugs into the community, cartels are quick to change tactics to keep up with demand while avoiding authorities. The constant adjustments make it difficult to assess who is winning the war on drugs. It is clear, however, that the one who loses the most is the addict.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

If drugs have taken you down a destructive path, it is not too late to turn your life around. The treatment specialists at Oklahoma City rehabilitation centers will guide you through the process in a caring and supportive manner. One call to our hotline will start you on a new path to recovery.

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