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The City of Norman was settled in 1889 during a “Land Run” where approximate 50,000 people raced against each other to claim a piece of about 2 million acres of unoccupied land. The city was officially incorporated in 1891 and named after Abner Norman, a land surveyor. Today, the city is home to the University of Oklahoma and its 30,000 students.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Norman, Oklahoma

In 2012, about 900 methamphetamine labs were seized in Oklahoma. These labs were mostly “one pot” productions that produced a moderate amount of the drug, commonly referred to as:

• Meth;
• Ice;
• Crank;
• Crystal; or
• Speed.

In 2014, the number of Meth lab seizures dropped to about 214 in Oklahoma. While the reduction meth lab seizures is promising, the number of addicts and abusers has not decreased. With the crack down on domestic Meth labs in the United States, the bulk of production has moved to Mexican drug cartels. With this shift, law enforcement officials are now seeing an increase in arrests of drug smugglers being charged with drug distribution. In fact, in 2009, there were 59 drug distribution cases and in 2013, there were 130 cases.

Officials, however, have found a positive side to the move of Meth production. With the number of small-time productions decreasing, they are able to focus more on major producers and drug smugglers. Officials have also seen fewer fires, fewer contaminated properties, and fewer children being exposed to the drug and its production.

Norman officials say that the key to their battle against Methamphetamines is three-fold. Focus needs to be on enforcement of drug policies, intervention for those who are already addicted, and education to prevent future addiction and abuse. Norman’s focus on ameliorating the community’s Meth problem is necessary, as use of the drug often leads to paranoia and violence.

Another avenue Norman officials have taken to reduce the impact of drugs in the community is raiding shops that sell potential drug paraphernalia, such as glass pipes. While many of the stores label the items as intended for tobacco use, officials say that many storeowners are aware that the pipes are going to be used for illicit drugs, and that is where the sale becomes illegal.

Under the law, items like pipes, spoons, tubes, and masks become drug paraphernalia when they:

1. Contain drug residue;
2. Are found in close proximity to the drug; or
3. Are referenced in a conversation about drugs.

Often, Norman area officers use the third prong as a tactic against storeowners. While working undercover, officers talk to storeowners about their items while referencing drug use, then subsequently charge the owner with sale and distribution of drug paraphernalia. Although, in one shop in the Norman area, thousands of packets of synthetic Marijuana were seized during a raid, proving officers concerns about some of the shops right.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Norman, Oklahoma

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