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Located in Comanche County, the City of Lawton boasts a population of about 96,867, making it the state’s fifth biggest municipality. Residents and visitors enjoy the ample outdoor recreation opportunities provided by Lawton’s many parks and lakes.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Lawton

While drug abuse and addiction are nationwide problems, some communities are impacted more than others. That is the case when it comes to the many Native Americans who struggle with Methamphetamine addiction. The drug, which is also known as Meth, Speed, Ice, Crank, and Tweak, is devastating tribes such as the Comanches, whose headquarters are located within Lawton.

The statistics are sobering, in fact, 1.7% of Native American Indians admit to using Meth within the last year. Comparatively, only 0.7% of Caucasians, 0.5% of Hispanics, 0.2% of Asians, and 0.1% of African Americans admit to using Meth within the last year. Only Native Hawaiians admit to using more Methamphetamines than the Native American community, at a rate of 2.2%.

The problem has become such an epidemic that 74% of tribal police believe that there is no greater threat to their community than Meth. The increased presence of Meth has lead to an escalation in crime. Use of the drug is often associated with aggression, and has therefore lead to domestic violence and assault. Many also steal in order to fund their habit, which may lead to legal implications. As a proactive measure, the community has created a campaign entitled “Not On Our Land,” which aims to prevent the use and abuse of Meth. Their website reviews some side effects of Meth, which include:

• Agitation;
• Insomnia;
• Nervousness;
• Convulsions;
• Paranoia;
• Hallucinations;
• Stroke;
• Heart Attack; and even
• Death.

One of the worst consequences related to Meth abuse and addiction is the impact on children and families. Many children suffer as a result of their parent’s addiction and focus on the drug. This impact, however, is not limited to the Native American community. In fact, during a recent one year period, 375 newborn babies tested positive for drugs in Oklahoma, many of them experiencing withdrawals upon being born. This number represents a 16.5% increase in drug-addicted babies.

As a result of this epidemic, many are calling for increased attention on prevention and education programs. The goal is to treat addicts before they become parents, so their children do not have to suffer the consequences. This would also decrease costs in the long run by reducing the number of drug-addicted babies in need of government programs and support.

Treatment for Drug Addiction and Abuse in Lawton, Oklahoma

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