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In 1902, Broken Arrow was named after a Creek Indian tribe that was forcibly removed from the area on the Trail of Tears in the early 1800’s. Today, the area is home to many manufacturing businesses, including FlightSafety International.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Broken Arrow

Opiate abuse and addiction is sweeping the nation. Doctors have been prescribing pain medication at records levels for anything from a toothache to a broken bone. As the patient continues to take the painkiller, he or she often becomes addicted. When the prescription becomes unavailable, the addict may turn to the street to satisfy the craving. This trend is producing deadly results across the nation and in Oklahoma. In fact, from 2007 to 2012, 70% of accidental poisoning deaths in Oklahoma involved a painkiller.  About half of the 534 painkiller-related deaths in 2012 were caused by prescriptions ordered by the addict’s own doctors.

The problem, however, does not end with pain medication such as Oxycodone or Hydrocodone. As an addict’s drug cravings become more than they can afford, many turn to cheaper alternatives such as Heroin. In fact, individuals with an addiction to prescription medications are 40 times more likely to abuse Heroin. This fact is part of the reason why fatal Heroin overdoses in Oklahoma have increased drastically. In 2007, there were only three deaths, in 2012, there were 29, and that number continues to increase.

Oklahoma’s plight is unique from places like the Northeast, for example, since Oklahoma is closer to the Mexican boarder. The state’s close proximity to Mexico, a major producer of Heroin, and the high demand for the drug are two of the major reasons why Heroin is cheap and easy to obtain. In fact, a gram of Heroin can be had for about $160.00 in Oklahoma, which is a marked decrease from its previous price of about $300.00.

Luckily, Oklahoma has enacted some proactive measures to help combat the presence of drugs in the state. First, officials are shifting their focus to education and prevention of addiction. Many are also calling for leaders to enact tough laws against Heroin use and distribution, while also increasing the treatment opportunities for current addicts.  Furthermore, Oklahoma has recently passed laws that will make it harder for addicts to shop around for doctors to provide them with prescription pain medication.

Unfortunately, Opiate addiction is not the only drug battle that faces Oklahoma and Broken Arrow. Synthetic drugs have been making their way into the area and recently, a Broken Arrow man plead guilty to smuggling chemicals from China into Broken Arrow in order to manufacture synthetic drugs. Synthetic drugs are produced to mimic the appearance or effects of other drugs such as Marijuana or Methamphetamines. Many, however, produce horrible side effects such as:

• Paranoia;
• Aggression;
• Vomiting;
• Abdominal Pain;
• Kidney Failure; and even
• Death.

Some of the street names given to these artificial drugs include:
• Spice;
• Flame 2.0;
• Bath Salts; and
• K2.

Treatment for Drug Addiction and Abuse in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

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