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The City of Columbus was founded in 1812 and was named after famous explorer Christopher Columbus. Currently, Columbus is the largest city in Franklin County and in all of Ohio. The city also ranks as the 15th largest in the entire nation.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Columbus, Ohio

According to the Ohio Drug Control Update issued by the White House, Ohio ranks in the top ten for dependence on illegal drugs for individuals aged 18 to 25. The state ranks just as high for individuals, aged 18 to 25, who have illicitly used pain medications within the last year.

Unfortunately, addiction to painkillers is not a limited issue. All across the nation, doctors are prescribing medications like OxyContin and Hydrocodone at historic levels. Because of this trend, patients are becoming addicted at alarming rates. When the prescriptions become unavailable or too expensive for the addict, they often turn to Heroin.

This deadly, sweeping trend is causing havoc throughout Ohio. In fact, the state has seen an 841 percent increase in Opiate addiction in mothers who come to the hospital to deliver babies. Sadly, this addiction impacts more than just the mother.  The number of babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome has increased 750 percent since 2004. This figure equates to about 5 drug addicted babies being born every day.

As the drug epidemic continues to ravage Ohio, officials are beginning to take proactive measures. Over the next two years, 61 million dollars of Ohio’s 71 billion dollar budget will go to helping prisoners defeat substance abuse. While the figure may seem shocking, proponents say that the plan will save taxpayers money in the long run. If addicts can receive the treatment they need in prison, they will no longer commit the petty crimes that landed them in prison, such as theft or drug law violations. The reduction in recidivism will eventually reduce overall costs. Of particular focus will be non-violent offenders who are serving shorter sentences.

This shift also includes a change in operation of the addiction services. The Department of Mental Health and Addiction will now run program in place of the Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. After the prisoner is released, the goal is to connect the individual with employment, housing, and addiction services.

As trends in drug abuse change, Ohio will have to keep up with the origins of the drugs themselves. Across the nation, synthetic and designer drugs are leading to fatal consequences. Recently, a new drug from China, called 25I, 25B, or 25C has lead to horrific effects for users in Columbus, such as:

• Seizures;
• Paranoia;
• Cardiac arrest; and
• Death.

This substance and similar drugs such as synthetic marijuana contain chemicals that humans are not meant to ingest. As such, the death toll caused by these drugs is rising.

Treatment for Drug Addiction and Abuse in the Columbus, Ohio Area

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