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Two popular professional sports teams call Cincinnati home, including Major League Baseball’s Reds and the National Football League’s Bengals. The city, which is the largest in Hamilton County, is also home to the large University of Cincinnati, which was founded in 1819.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Cincinnati, Ohio

A scary new drug is presenting itself across Ohio and the Midwest region. Alpha-PVP, also known as Flakka or Gravel, is a synthetic drug with effects similar to MDMA. This new substance has been found to originate from China. While the drug creates a euphoric sensation, it also produces side effects such as:

• Paranoia;
• Aggressiveness;
• Anger;
• Jumbled thoughts;
• Sensation of burning skin;
• Hallucinations;
• Increased adrenaline;
• Hyperthermia; and even
• Death.

Because of its horrible and long last effects, the drug was classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance in December 2012. The drug, however, is currently still a problem, with arrests recently being made with regards to trafficking of the substance.

While this drug is relatively new to the scene, Ohio is still battling addiction to other, more commonly known substances such as:

• Heroin;
• Marijuana;
• Cocaine; and
• Other Opiates.

The trend in Opiate addiction has been sweeping the nation, and unfortunately, Ohio is not immune. The addiction frequently begins with prescription painkillers. Doctors have been prescribing this medication at record levels and as patients become addicted, they begin to abuse the drug. The addiction moves on to Heroin when the addict’s prescription runs out. Heroin often becomes the drug of choice because it is cheaper to obtain than pain pills on the street.

Because of this trend, a town in the Greater Cincinnati area has taken action to defeat substance abuse. After an individual is treated at the hospital for an overdose, a group of medical professionals, including a counselor, provides the addict and his or her family with information and resources on drug addiction and treatment options. This approach is a comment on the existing war on drugs, which has been called a failure since its inception.

Many believe that simply throwing addicts in jail, where they are unlikely to receive the treatment they need, will only result in recidivism. Furthermore, many also believe that traditional treatment has been unsuccessful due to short treatment programs and ill equipped staff. This program aims to help the substance abuser via a variety of options and keep them out of the justice system.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Cincinnati, Ohio

Don’t let yourself slip through the cracks, reach out for the help you need today. The professionals at Cincinnati treatment facilities will guide you through the process of recovery without shame and stigma. Addiction is a disease and deserves treatment that is equal to any other medical condition. Take the first step towards a happy, healthy, and drug-free life by calling our hotline right now.

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