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Minot, which is located within Ward County, North Dakota, may best be known for the Air Force base, which is its namesake. The city was founded in 1886 and earned the nickname “Magic City” due to its rapid increase in population at its inception.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Minot, North Dakota Area

According to the North Dakota Drug Control Update issued by the Whitehouse, about 2.3% of state residents admit to using a drug aside from Marijuana within the last month. Though this rate is lower than the national average, which is currently at about 3.6%, state officials are still concerned and looking to take action.

State officials are also attempting to address the recent increase in reported addictions due to the influx of people caused by the oil industry. A current proposal has suggested the creation of a Methadone clinic in Minot. At a public meeting, area residents expressed concerns about the potential clinic, including:

• The ability to obtain the number of patients required for starting the clinic;
• The potential security issues related to such a facility;
• The ability to fulfill all other state and federal requirements;
• The potential of increasing the population of drug addicts in Minot; and
• Parking issues.

Community Medical Services, the company who would run the clinic, says that there is a real need in the area and that they would be open to looking at other, more viable locations within the town, if necessary.

The clinic isn’t the only proposed change with regards to substance abuse in the area. Two recent bills may also help to save lives in North Dakota. The first bill, if passed into law, would allow immunity for individuals who witness an overdose and call 911. All too often, bystanders are afraid to call for medical help due to potential legal repercussions. Sadly, the resulting lack of medical attention can lead to death for the overdosing individual. To qualify for immunity, the caller must stay on the scene and cooperate with first responders.

A second proposed bill would put the Opioid overdose antidote, Naloxone, or Narcan, into the hands of North Dakota residents. Currently, only medical professionals are allowed to administer Narcan during an overdose. If the bill is passed, the antidote can get into the hands of friends and family of known addicts, saving its use for a potential overdose. Critics of the bill claim that availability of an antidote would promote drug use, but proponents say that the withdrawal effects caused by Narcan are not pleasant. Furthermore, the addict will still need medical attention after the dose is administered, so professional help will still be provided.

Getting Help for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Minot, North Dakota

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