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Grand Forks, North Dakota, which is fittingly in the County of Grand Forks, has a population of about 52,838. Grand Forks is home to the University of North Dakota, which is the oldest higher education institution in the state. Its substantial size has also led the university to be the second largest employer in North Dakota.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Being home to a major university provides challenges with regards to substance abuse and addiction in the Grand Forks area. This is why university Police Chief, Eric Plummer, has teamed up with the school to institute proactive measures. These substance-abuse preventative programs include:

• Creating courses for incoming students on the dangers or drugs and alcohol;
• Developing relationships with fraternities and sororities;
• Sustaining a University Counseling Center;
• Making it easy to report a crisis via an app for smartphones;
• Encouraging RAs and RDs to report violations;
• Hiring a K9 narcotics officer;
• Partnering with local drug task forces;
• Performing theater enactments on the subject; and
• Creating fliers posted around campus.

Despite these unique and innovative measures, results have varied. While drug related incidents have declined on campus, alcohol related incidents have increased. In 2014, there were 213 alcohol related arrests. This figure represents a 188% increase from 2012. Furthermore, 22% of students say that they drank alcohol three to five times per week.

There were, however, only 31 drug arrests in 2014, which is a decrease of 49% from 2012. The figures for drug use and abuse on campus are encouraging. In fact, 72% of students said they had not smoked Marijuana within the last month and 99% said they had not used Methamphetamines or any “club drugs.”

While the statistics show a decline in drug use and abuse, the introduction of a highly lethal substance to the area threatens to thwart the progress. Fentanyl, a synthetic drug that can be 80 to 100 times more powerful than Morphine, is responsible for a growing number of deaths in the area. The drug impacts both UND students and the remainder of Grand Forks.

This increase in availability of Fentanyl has lead the university and a local health system to create a video, outlining the serious dangers associated with the Opioid. These dangers include addiction, overdose, and death. The video warns that even the tiniest amount of Fentanyl is enough to kill someone. Not only has the drug lead to deaths, but it has also recently lead to about 6 people facing federal charges.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Addiction in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Though drug abuse may be reaching epidemic levels in Grand Forks, there is still hope for recovery. The substance abuse treatment facilities in the Grand Forks area are equipped to help you change your life for the better. They will take the shame and stigma out of your addiction while they lead you on a path to health.

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