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Fargo is home to about 115,863 people, which is approximately 16% of the population of North Dakota. The city is also home to North Dakota State University, which is known for its outstanding academic programs and affordability.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Fargo, North Dakota Area

While the rate of drug-induced deaths in North Dakota is far below the national average, officials are still taking initiatives to reduce the increasing amount of overdoses across the state. Over the years, the number of fatal overdoses has increased from just 5 in 1999 to 32 in 2013. While the numbers may seem small compared to other states, the figures still represents a significant increase.

Officials, including law enforcement and medical professionals have released a series of videos outlining the dangers of drugs such as Fentanyl, a synthetic Opioid, and other dangerous drugs. North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem mimicked the sentiments of the videos and added that drugs and their consequences can impact any family, not just stereotypical drug addicts.

If you believe a you are witnessing or experiencing an Opiate overdose, you may see symptoms such as:

• Shallow or no breathing;
• Slurred speech;
• Slowed reactions or responses; and
• Loss of consciousness.

Other drugs, such as synthetic Marijuana, may produce side effects such as aggression or agitation, but often the response varies and may be hard to pinpoint. Major signs of any overdose, however, may include loss of consciousness, vomiting, non-responsiveness, frothing at the mouth, or inability to swallow. According to Dr. Christopher Boe of Altru Health System Emergency Medicine, these are all indications that immediate medical attention is necessary.

Unfortunately, often times, when someone is experiencing an overdose, witnesses who do recognize the symptoms fail to call 911 for fear of being arrested, his or herself. This concern is what prompted legislation to give the witness immunity from legal implications. Under the law, to receive immunity, you must comply with two important rules:

1. Stay on the scene; and
2. Cooperate with police and medics.

Sadly, for many, the consequences of drug abuse and addiction not only result in their own death, but in the death of others. Recently, a Fargo mom was arrested on charges of negligent homicide when she ingested illicit drugs and then breast-fed her days-old baby. Tragically, the newborn became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead.

Drug Rehabilitation in the Fargo, North Dakota Area

Many believe a step in the right direction for North Dakota would be to implement a system that tracks overdoses, whether fatal or non-fatal and their causes. All that is currently recorded is the number of accidental deaths due to drug use, but the statistics are not specific. Unlike other states, North Dakota has yet to put such a system in place.

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