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Bismarck, which is located in the Great Plains, has a population of about 61,272, making it the second largest city in North Dakota. Bismarck was originally called Edwinton, but was renamed in 1873 after a German chancellor named Otto Von Bismarck. In 1889, Bismarck then became the capital of North Dakota, upon its statehood.

Substance Abuse and Addiction in Bismarck, North Dakota

According to the North Dakota Drug Control Update issued by the White House, about 6% of state residents admit to using an illegal drug within the last month. Though this figure is below the national average, substance abuse is on the rise in the area.

One drug of abuse that has become more prevalent is Heroin. As doctors across the nation have been prescribing prescription painkillers at record levels, citizens are becoming addicted at alarming rates. When the prescription medication becomes unavailable or too costly for the addict, many turn to Heroin, the cheaper alternative. This deadly trend has touched every corner of the United States, and North Dakota is no exception. In fact, in 2005, not a single North Dakota resident sought treatment for Heroin addiction. In 2013, that number spiked to 37 individuals.

Arrest made for Heroin related incidents is also on the rise. In 2013, 57 people were charged with these crimes. Only one year prior, in 2012, 13 people were charged. This dramatic increase is a major concern of many officials, including the state’s Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. In an effort to keep up with the crisis, Stenehjem has taken measures such as hiring a prosecutor who will solely handle drug crimes and organizing a drug take-back day.

Unfortunately, North Dakota is also battling other major drugs of abuse, including:
• Marijuana;
• Other Opiates;
• Stimulants; and
• Cocaine.

Not only is the use of illicit drugs becoming a problem in Bismarck, but binge drinking is also on the rise. Sadly, the rate of teen binge drinking in Bismarck is at alarming levels. The culture of abuse in Bismarck is, in part, why teens have deemed this practice to be acceptable behavior. This deadly development has lead to or exacerbated other health problems in the area, such as obesity.

With these concerns in mind, it is unfortunate that North Dakota has slashed their budget for substance abuse programs. The services for residential beds and employment training for those with substance abuse disorders have been seriously impacted by the cuts. The elimination or downsizing of these programs could lead to unnecessary homelessness, incarceration, or hospitalization of people who could have otherwise been helped.

Recovery from Drug Abuse and Addiction in Bismarck, North Dakota

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