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The area became a hyphenated city when two towns became one in 1913. Since then, the area has best been known for its tobacco industry, and has even been nicknamed “Camel City.” The city is also locally known as “The Dash,” because of its hyphenated name. “The Dash” became a more popular nickname when the city’s minor league baseball team chose it as their moniker.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Ironically, for a city known for cigarettes, one of the most cited drugs of abuse in the area is another substance that is smoked, Marijuana. According to the North Carolina Drug Control Update issued by the White House, other drugs of abuse include:

• Cocaine;
• Other Opiates;
• Heroin; and
• Stimulants.

On the rise, however, is the abuse of prescription painkillers. In fact, 3.51 percent of North Carolina citizens claim to have used an illegal drug other than Marijuana within the last month. With doctors prescribing medications such as Hydrocodone and OxyContin at record levels, the number of addictions to these drugs has increased drastically. As the prescription for these medication runs out, many turn to the streets to purchase the pills illegally. Often times, when prescription pills become too costly, the addict turns to cheaper alternatives such as Heroin.

With prescription medication alone killing nearly 1,000 North Carolina residents each year, many are fighting back against its increasing prevalence. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is one of the people combatting prescription medication abuse. He has continued his “Stop Rx Abuse” video contest, and this year, has included contestants as young as 12 years old. This decision is a result of studies showing prescription pill abuse starting younger than ever. Many of the children obtain the pills right from the medicine cabinet in their home. The goal of the contest is to help students learn the dangers of prescription drug abuse from one another.

Forsyth County has also been introduced to another life-saving directive called Project Lazarus. The goal of the project is collaboration between law enforcement, emergency room physicians, hospitals, behavioral health providers, family doctors, and faith-based programs. The collaborative will work together to provide county-specific solutions to the prescription drug abuse problem. The ideas include providing anti-overdose kits to the community, organizing medication “take-back” events, and promoting restrictions on prescribing painkillers.

Getting Help with Drug Abuse and Addiction in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The programs provided by North Carolina have already begun to help. Stemming off prescription drug abuse has saved lives and will continue to prevent people from abusing painkillers and turning to Heroin.

Many people, however, are struggling with a current addiction and need help with rehabilitation, and not prevention. If you are one of these many individuals, please contact our hotline today. The trained professionals at Winston-Salem drug rehabilitation centers will guide you through your options. They will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve while helping you fight your addiction.

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