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The city is well known for Syracuse University, a popular research school. Many famous names can call the university their alma mater, including Vice President Joe Biden, NBA player Carmelo Anthony, actress Vanessa Williams, actor Taye Diggs, journalist Ted Koppel, and sportscaster Bob Costas.

Drug Addiction and Abuse in the Syracuse, New York Area

According to the New York Drug Control Update, issued by the White House, 9% of residents report using illegal drugs within the last month. This figure is above the national average, which currently sits at 8%. Some of the main drugs of abuse include:

• Heroin;
• Marijuana;
• Cocaine; and
• Other Opiates.

Unfortunately, a new drug is gaining popularity, especially in the Syracuse area. “Spice” or “Spike” as it is known on the streets, is marketed as Synthetic Marijuana. Experts, however, say that the drug is actually quite different from Marijuana. The substance is a chemical compound, mainly shipped from China, and then sprayed on any plant substance from grass to leaves. The user than smokes the substance to get high.

The state struggles to keep up with Spice’s legality. Once they make the current compound illegal, manufacturers tweak the recipe, making it arguably legal. The packages are also frequently sold under deceptive labeling such as “potpourri.” The side effects can be horrendous and many users require emergency treatment.

The colorful packaging and confusion about its legality makes it attractive to teens. Multiple Syracuse area hospitals have also seen many homeless folks overdose on the substance as well. Synthetic Marijuana does not show up on drug tests, so many are still accepted into shelters while they are using.

Homeless shelters are not the only places that are drug testing, either. Many workplaces are testing their employees and sadly, the number of positive results has been increasing. In fact, there were 9.3% more positive drug tests in 2014 than the prior year. Positive results increased for drugs such as:

• Marijuana;
• Cocaine;
• Amphetamines; and
• Heroin.

In an effort to combat the growing drug epidemic, New York has begun important life-saving measures. New laws have been passed to allow laypersons to obtain the antidote to an Opiate overdose, a drug called Naloxone, or Narcan. Area residents simply take a training course and they are provided with the drug that can save the life of an individual who is experience an Opiate overdose. The layperson is trained to inject the medication into the nasal passages and stand back while the medication begins working. In the states that allow Narcan without a patient specific prescription, 10,000 overdoses have been reversed. Though the distribution has been proven helpful, many concerns have been brought forward, including:

• Cost: The Health Department pays $50.00-$60.00 dollars per Narcan kit and the cost is increasing;
• Increase in Heroin Use: Some argue that the availability of an antidote will lead addicts to believe they can continue to use drugs without consequence; and
• No Medical Response: Some argue that laypeople will fail to call 911 if they can administer the drug themselves.

Drug Treatment in Syracuse, New York

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