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If you or a loved one are struggling with drug abuse and addiction in the Buffalo, New York area, please contact our hotline today. Representatives will guide you through your options for treatment and recovery.

Buffalo, which is located within Erie County, is home to several major professional sports teams. Buffalonians, as the residents are commonly called, cheer on their local NFL team, the Bills, and their local NHL team, the Sabres.

Buffalo is also home to a large variety of culinary venues. Not surprisingly, the aptly named “Buffalo Wing” was first created and served in the city in 1964.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Buffalo, New York area

Erie County has seen deaths from Heroin overdoses double within the last two years. Not only has the county been impacted, but New York and the entire nation are struggling with Opiate abuse and addiction.

The highly addictive substance leaves addicts constantly craving their next high, and many are turning to even more dangerous alternatives to satisfy their need. Often, Heroin is mixed with the extremely powerful drug Fentanyl. Whether or not the addict is aware of the mixture, it proves to be extremely lethal.

Buffalo’s Heroin crisis has become so out of control that many have labeled it an epidemic. Sadly, no one is immune to the threat of addiction. In fact, pregnant women who are addicted to substances are seeking treatment in record numbers. From 2010 to 2012 in Erie County, 554 babies tested positive for drugs after birth.

Frequently, these addictions begin with a simple prescription for painkillers, but when an addiction forms, many turn to cheaper alternatives such as Heroin. Unfortunately, those who do seek help often have to wait weeks for treatment and medication, such as Suboxone, which helps the addict wean off of Opiates. Despite doctors prescribing painkillers en mass, many are not qualified to also treat the addiction that frequently occurs as a result. This leaves the addict on a wait list until a doctor becomes available.

Another factor leading to the extended wait time is federal regulations. The insufficient amount of doctors who can treat addicts are only allowed a limited capacity of patients per year.  Many doctors also decline patients with Medicaid or only accept cash payments for the large bill.

Luckily, state and local officials have introduced several bills so that addicts who seek help do not have to wait. Some of the proposed laws include allowing doctors larger caseloads and permitting physician’s assistants and nurses to prescribe Suboxone. Other individuals call for mandatory training for doctors regarding addiction and treatment and expanding treatment options beyond simple detoxification.

Other officials are proposing bills that may cut the drug off before it even reaches the hands of the addict. Many call for drug dealers to be charged with homicide if they sell drugs to an addict who then overdoses and dies.  If the bill is passed, it could mean a dealer is off the streets and in prison for the rest of his or her life.

Unfortunately, Heroin is not the only drug abused by New Yorkers, other main substances of abuse include:

• Marijuana;
• Cocaine;
• Other Opiates; and
• Tranquilizers.

Drug Rehabilitation in the Buffalo, New York Area

If your cravings for drugs have consumed your life, please call our hotline today. Trained professionals at Buffalo rehabilitation centers will guide you away from a life of pain and suffering and help you achieve a life free from substance abuse. Take the first step towards your new life by calling the hotline now.




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