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Santa Fe not only holds the title of the capital of New Mexico, but it is also the oldest capital city in the nation, having been established in 1610. While about 69,204 people call it home, including accomplished screenwriter and producer George R.R. Martin, the area is also quite popular with tourists who seek the climate and bountiful outdoor activities. 

Drug Abuse and Addiction in Santa Fe, New Mexico

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, from 2012-2013, 12.4% of New Mexican adolescents had used an illegal drug within the last month. This statistic is staggeringly higher than the national average of 9.2%. These shocking figures could be due, in part, due teen’s perception of illicit drugs. In fact, over 75% of teens view monthly Marijuana use as low-risk. 

Since 2000, primary drug treatment admissions have been on the rise for stimulants such as Methamphetamines. Meth, as is it commonly known, is now the most frequently cited drug abused by individuals entering treatment facilities in New Mexico. Other drugs of abuse include:

– Marijuana;

– Heroin;

– Other Opiates; and

– Crack/Cocaine. 

In some areas, such as Santa Fe, Heroin and other opiates have become such a problem that law enforcement officials are now carrying Naloxone, or Narcan, which is the antidote to an opiate overdose. In hopes of saving lives and reducing the stigma surrounding drug abuse, the Santa Fe Police Department is now equipped with Narcan kits. While some officers were skeptical about their new task, many see the life-saving procedure as most necessary. 

Officials have also taken other important steps in the war on drugs. Santa Fe is one of only two cities in the nation that offer the LEAD program to non-violent, low-level opiate offenders. Under the program, if an individual is found with three grams of Opiates or less, officers can offer the program in lieu of jail time. The idea is to assist the offender in fighting his or her addiction in a meaningful way, while helping to reduce overcrowding in prisons.  

Progress such as this is important for a city where drug busts yield large amounts of illegal substances and drug related items. For example, in a recent bust, nearly $200,000.00 worth of drugs were found in the freezers of an old sausage factory. Often, local businesses are a front for drug trafficking operations throughout New Mexico. Even some health care professionals have become caught up in the cycle of drug abuse and addiction. In a recent case, a nurse was found passed out while on duty, a needle containing Morphine, Ketamine, and Lorazepam still hanging from his arm.  

Starting the Recovery Process in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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