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If you or a loved one are suffering from drug abuse and addiction in the Roswell, New Mexico area, please contact our hotline today. The professionals at Roswell rehabilitation centers are ready to work with you towards a clean and healthy life. 

Roswell, New Mexico is most well known for the 1947 military balloon crash, that many speculated was a UFO carrying alien life. The conspiracies surrounding Roswell still remain today, even inspiring many television shows, such as “Roswell,” which aired in the late 1990s to early 2000s.  

Roswell, however, has much more to offer, including its successful farming, dairying, and ranching business. In fact, Roswell is home to one of the world’s chief mozzarella producers. 

How Drug Abuse and Addiction Impact the Roswell Community

Like New Mexico as a whole, Roswell has experienced its share of Methamphetamine abuse and addiction. Meth, as it is commonly known, has been the subject of many police investigations across New Mexico and in Chaves County. These busts often lead to arrests of dozens of individuals, seizures of large amounts of illicit substances, cash, and weapons. In a recent sting, 40 individuals were charged in relation to distributing Meth in a drug trafficking organization. In a separate incident in Roswell, 84 people were arrested, most charged with selling Meth.  

Unfortunately, Meth is not the only drug of abuse in the Roswell area. Heroin is also a major concern for the community, and has the potential to get worse. Officials are worried that the lethal trend of mixing Heroin with the powerful drug, Fentanyl, will reach its boarders. While the deadly cocktail is running rampant through the East Coast, the New Mexico DEA is trying its best to prepare for its potential arrival. In one month, the drug also known as “Bud Ice” or “Theraflu,” killed 14 people in Pennsylvania.  

With a current drug crisis and a potentially worse epidemic on the way, Roswell is facing yet another challenge. Many of the substance abuse and mental health agencies have lost their Medicaid funding, and one major program, Turquoise Health and Wellness, has closed its doors due to financial issues. This leaves offenders who have been ordered into treatment without any options. Sadly, many individuals may end up in jail, without the rehabilitation they may need.  

Drug Abuse and Addiction Treatment in the Roswell Area

For friends and families dealing with a substance abuser, you may notice that your loved one is experiencing:

– Sleeplessness;

– Weight loss;

– Loss of appetite;

– High levels of activity;

– Lack of concentration; and

– Anxiety or nervousness. 

These symptoms are all signs of abuse of Methamphetamines. You may also notice a white or light brown crystal powder, crumpled foil, cans with a hole, or an empty pen shaft. If you find any of these items, it is important for your loved one to receive help as soon as possible. Use of Meth can lead to hallucinations, rotting teeth, fixations, overdose, and death.  

If the substance abuser is ready to seek help, call the hotline today to talk to a representative. Various options will be provided to get you on the path to recovery. You can lead the happy, healthy life you always envisioned. Calling the hotline is the first step towards the new and improved you.

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