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Drug abuse and addiction can impact any family in any area. If you are struggling with this problem, you are not alone. Call our hotline today to be connected with individuals who will guide you through your options for rehabilitation in the Rio Rancho, New Mexico area. 

The Rio Rancho area, which is home to major corporation, Intel, is also home to a rapidly increasing population.  Though mainly located in Sandoval County, a small portion of the city is actually located in Bernalillo County. Despite creeping into Bernalillo County, Rio Rancho has taken affirmative steps to separate itself from that county’s largest city, Albuquerque. 

The Impact of Drug Abuse and Addiction in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Despite the city’s efforts to separate from neighboring Albuquerque, the two still share many commonalities, including issues with drug abuse and addiction. A population that has been especially impacted by the crisis is Rio Rancho teenagers. Just recently, a Rio Rancho High School student was arrested after police found weapons and a significant amount of drugs in his vehicle. The problem has become so alarming that the school district is considering random drug testing of student athletes. This decision comes on the heels of record levels of student infractions for drug use. Under the protocol, if a student’s drug test came back positive, disciplinary action would be taken, but support would also be provided. 

The idea behind the random drug testing is prevention, and while not all are in support, precautionary programs are necessary in a state where more individuals die per year from drug overdoses than from motor vehicle accidents or firearms related incidents. According to the White House’s New Mexico Drug Control Update, some of the other programs in New Mexico include:

– Carlsbad Community Anti-Drug/Gang Coalition;

– Character Kids Coalition;

– Laguna Prevention Coalition;

– Partnership for a Healthy Torrance County (PHTC) Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force;

– Rio Arriba Family Care Network;

– Shiprock Anti-Meth Task Force;

– TeamBuilders Counseling Services, Inc.; and

– ZIA Health Task Force.

With children as young as 14 years old dying from overdoses, federally funded programs such as these aim to prevent further tragedies.  As drugs are becoming increasingly available all over New Mexico, teens are educated by these programs to avoid the illicit substances.

The wide availability of drugs is proven, in part, by recent arrests, which have yielded significant amounts of illegal items and substances during investigations. Some of the items seized during these investigations included:

– Over 30 grams of Heroin;

– Drug paraphernalia;

– Weaponry;

– Drug trafficking tools;

– 600 Marijuana plants;

– Marijuana growing operation tools; and

– Cash.

In a sad time for the city of Rio Rancho, a police officer was recently shot and killed by a man who may have been paranoid from Heroin abuse and had a history of drug trafficking. Community outcry from the incident was been heard across New Mexico.

Getting Help in the Rio Rancho, New Mexico Area

If you or a loved on have been impacted by drug abuse and addiction, don’t let shame or stigma stop you from getting the treatment you need. Stop letting drugs ruin your relationships, education, career, and future. Calling our hotline is the first step towards recovery and living a happy, healthy, and drug free life.

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