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If you or a loved one are struggling with drug abuse and addiction in the Las Cruces, New Mexico area, please contact our hotline today. Representatives will guide you through a variety of options to help you live a clean life. 

Lovingly called “The City of Crosses,” Las Cruces is the largest city in Doña Ana County. The city is home to New Mexico State University, which was founded in 1888. The NMSU “Aggies” received their nickname from the University’s humble beginnings as an agricultural school. 

Drug Abuse and Addiction in the Las Cruces, New Mexico Area

Drug abuse and addiction has become a crisis in New Mexico. According to the New Mexico Drug Control Update issued by the White House, New Mexicans report using more illegal drugs in the past month than the national average. Sadly, the Las Cruces area is not immune to the growing epidemic. According to a 2013 Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey, 26.4% of Doña Ana County high school students report using Marijuana. While this number is slightly lower than the statewide average, the County reports a higher percentage of teens using illicit painkillers.  

Unfortunately, New Mexico has a particularly problematic issue with teen drug abuse and addiction. According to the Centers for Disease Control, abuse of every measurable drug is higher among New Mexican teenagers than the national average. The issue is, in part, due to increasing availability of drugs in the area.  In 2001, 21% of Doña Ana County teens said they were given, sold, or offered drugs on school property. In 2011, that number skyrocketed to nearly 50%. Not only have County teens been abusing illicit drugs at higher rates, but more teens also try drugs earlier than the national average.  

Another contributing factor to teen drug abuse and addiction in Las Cruces is acceptance by parents and guardians. With medical and recreational Marijuana becoming legalized across the country, many parents fail to see the harm in teen use. This even leads to parents or grandparents smoking with their child or grandchild. Many parents do not realize the impact (from poor grades, lack of motivation, and even arrest) until it is too late. In fact, of the 191 drug-related arrests of individuals under the age of 18 in Las Cruces, the majority were Marijuana related.            

Other factors leading to teen drug abuse in Las Cruces, New Mexico, include:

– Abusive parenting;

– Absent parent;

– Lack of activities and programs for teens;

– Lack of education regarding drug abuse; and

– Lack of communication between children and parents on drug abuse. 

With the state’s proximity to the boarder, however, drugs are constantly traveling from Mexico, through New Mexico, to reach other states. Large drug seizures at the boarder are often a common occurrence. This makes it easier for anyone, teens and adults alike, to get caught up in the tangled net of drug abuse and addiction. Even a corrections officer, who should be protecting inmates, was recently charged when he smuggled drugs into the prison for distribution.   

Rehabilitation in the Las Cruces, New Mexico Area

Despite the disheartening statistics on teen drug abuse and the seemingly insurmountable issue of drug trafficking from Mexico, there is help in the Las Cruces area. Contact our hotline now to learn more about the personalized options available to you.

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