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Not only is Manchester the largest city in the State of New Hampshire but it is also the largest city in Northern New England. The area, which is divided by the Merrimack River, boasts a population of approximately 110,378.

Manchester is home to many sports, recreation, and entertainment venues, including the Verizon Wireless Arena, Northeast Delta Dental Stadium, the Palace Theater, the Currier Museum of Art, New Hampshire Institute of Art, and the John F. Kennedy Memorial Coliseum. These sites host a variety of sports teams, musical concerts, clubs, and exhibits.

With amenities such as these, it is no wonder that ranked Manchester favorably as a place to live and grow a business in 2009. Residents also enjoy the affordability of the area. In fact, Forbes voted Manchester as one of the cheapest places to live in America. The city is touted as the second most tax-friendly city in America and also ranks high with regards to upward mobility of residents.

Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse in the Manchester Community

Despite the idyllic conditions in Manchester for many residents and business owners, the community still struggles with drug abuse and addiction issues. According to the New Hampshire Drug Control Update issued by the White House, New Hampshire rated in the top ten of all states for the following:

– Illegal drug use in the past month by individuals ages 12 and older;

– Illegal drug use in the past month by individuals ages 18-25;

– Use of non-medical painkillers in the past year by individuals ages 18-25; and

– Dependence on illegal drugs by individuals ages 12 and older.

Recent news has featured drug raids by Manchester police, which have lead to arrests of multiple individuals, sometimes upwards of 20 arrestees.  Other headlines have even included the arrest of families in drug trafficking rings. In these and similar arrests made in Manchester, drugs, guns, and thousands of dollars in cash were found. The arrests lead to several drug related charges such as:

– Possession of a controlled substance;

– Intent to distribute a controlled substance;

– Sale of a controlled substance; and

– Being an enterprise leader.

The drugs involved in many of these raids included prescription medications, Heroin, OxyContin, Crack, Cocaine, Marijuana, and Alprazolam. Primary treatment admissions in New Hampshire show a similar pattern, with Opiates, Heroin, Marijuana, and Cocaine being among the top.

Following a national trend, prescription medications such as Percocet, OxyContin, and Oxycodone have become increasingly popular in Manchester. An addiction to prescription medication can lead to the use of Heroin and Opiates, as the cost of a single Oxycodone can be upwards of $35.00 on the street. According to the New Hampshire Public Radio, the addiction to prescription medications in Manchester has become an epidemic and represents a vast change from the 1980’s, when most of the patients in treatment facilities were addicted to alcohol. In 2012, nearly 750 individuals were admitted to treatment in Manchester alone.

Many of these drugs are funneled from gangs in New York, but some even come from as close as bordering Massachusetts cities and towns. Because of the demand for drugs in Manchester, many dealers and traffickers take their product into the city.

While Manchester police and officials attempt to manage the drug issue, they also have to cope with the auxiliary effects that follow drug dealing and abuse, such as theft and prostitution.

Manchester Drug Rehabilitation Centers Can Help You Fight Drug Abuse

In 2011, grants were received by New Hampshire from the Office of National Drug Control Policy to combat the growing drug problem. The following programs were funded:

– Bridging the Gaps- Rochester Community Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Prevention;

– CADY, Inc. (Communities for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth);

– Communities United for Substance Abuse Prevention;

– Community Alliance for Teen Safety (Derry) Concord Substance Abuse Coalition;

– Dover Coalition for Youth;

– Drug Advisory Council Coalition/Community Safeguard;

– Franklin Mayor’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Task Force;

– Hinsdale Prevention Coalition;

– Monadnock Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coalition;

– North Country Health Consortium/Coos County Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention;

– Raymond Coalition for Youth;

– Sanborn/Timberlane Safe and Drug Free Community Coalition; and

– Winchester We’ve Got Your Back.

Despite these programs, drug addiction and abuse is often difficult and complex. Many individuals still need the help that only an addiction specialist can offer in a rehabilitative setting. If you or a loved one are fighting addiction and abuse, please contact us today. Manchester rehabilitation facilities can offer you the individualized help you need to free yourself from the cycle of addiction.



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