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If you or a loved one are struggling with drug abuse and addiction, know that there is help. If you are ready to make a positive change, please contact our hotline today to speak to a representative. This is the first step to starting your recovery process in the Derry, New Hampshire area.

With a population of approximately 33,109, Derry is the fourth most populated area in New Hampshire. Despite its population density, Derry is actually a labeled a town, and not a city. Named after a town in Ireland, the first potato grown in America was planted in Derry in 1719.

The town is often referred to as “Spacetown,” as a tribute to famous astronaut, Alan Shepard, who was born there. Shepard was the first United States astronaut to travel to space. Notably, Robert Frost also called Derry home for a period of time.

How Drugs Impact the Derry, New Hampshire Community

Only ten months in to the 2014-year, the Derry Police Department had already experienced 30 cases of overdoses, five of them being fatal. Similarly, the Derry Director of Emergency Medical Services said that 61 doses of the life-saving drug, Narcan, had already been administered.

Narcan, or Naloxone, is the antidote to a Heroin overdose. Despite its ability to save lives, family and friends of addicts cannot obtain a prescription, as they can in other states, such as Massachusetts. New Hampshire law would need to be amended in order to allow for Narcan to reach more individuals. Governor Maggie Hassan has reached out to officials to increase accessibility to the drug.

In hopes of finding a solution to the drug epidemic, Derry has even hosted a public forum to discuss the impact on the community. Roundtable discussions at the Derry Police Department have even included federal officials. Unfortunately, Derry is not alone in its battle against drugs, addiction, and abuse. Similar summits have been created all across the state with increasing attendance.

Not surprisingly, New Hampshire, as a whole, ranks in the top ten for drug use in multiple categories regarding the use of illegal drugs.  In New Hampshire, the main drugs of abuse include:

– Opiates;

– Heroin;

– Marijuana; and

– Cocaine.

In the state and all across the country, the abuse of prescription pain medication is on the rise. Abuse may stem from peoples’ perception that the pills are not dangerous because a doctor prescribes them. Then, when the prescription pills become unavailable or too expensive, many addicts turn to cheaper alternatives such as Heroin or Fentanyl. Over the last ten years, treatment admissions for prescription medication has increased 500 percent and admission for Heroin has increased 90 percent. Despite these alarming numbers, New Hampshire does not participate in a prescription drug monitoring program, however, over a dozen coalitions have been funded via grants across the state to help combat drugs.

Finding Help and Solutions in Derry, New Hampshire

As New Hampshire’s drug problem hits epidemic levels, community members have expressed several starting points in the process of reducing substance abuse in the area. These include:

1. Increasing the availability and accessibility of recovery programs all across New Hampshire, including community-based treatment and outpatient programs;

2. Increasing the time frame of the traditional 28-day recovery program to allow for full recovery;

3. Taking the shame and stigma off of substance abusers, their friends, and family. Sharing the journey may help the addict as well as others;

4. Talking openly about abuse and creating an environment that welcomes discussion; be aware that drug abuse can happen in any family;

5. Increasing education regarding drug abuse for community members, both children and adults alike;

6. Increasing resources for family and friends of substance abusers, such as ability to obtain prescription Narcan;

7. Considering options apart from incarceration for non-violent offenders, as many do not receive adequate treatment in prison and drugs are often still accessible behind bars;

8. Creating a prescription drug monitoring program in New Hampshire;

9. Continuing to collaborate with federal officials and the local community; and

10. Continuing to fund drug prevention programs across New Hampshire.

These steps can help to create a happy, healthy, and drug-free community within Derry and all of New Hampshire. If you or a loved one would like to start the recovery process, please call our hotline today to learn about your options. Though the first step of seeking help can often be the most difficult, it can also be the most rewarding. Many options are available to help you life a satisfying and fulfilling life. The professionals at Derry drug rehabilitation centers are experienced at dealing with the recovery process. They will treat you with respect as they guide you through your individualized process of healing.

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