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Sunrise Manor is an unincorporated town located in Clark County and one of six in the Las Vegas Township, which covers a large portion of the Las Vegas Valley. The town has a population nearing 200,000, meaning if it were incorporated it would be one of the largest cities in Nevada.

Sunrise Manor Addiction Help

Because Sunrise Manor claims such a substantial amount of Nevada’s population, it determines many of the drug abuse trends statewide.

Overall, Nevada experiences addiction-related issues at a high rate. According to the  National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Nevada’s residents use both alcohol and illicit drugs at a higher rate than the national average, and this increased use leads to addiction. According to the same report, only 4 percent of individuals who reported past-year alcohol dependence or abuse and 12 percent of individuals who experienced past-year illicit drug dependence entered rehab for treatment.

With such high rates of abuse and addiction, Sunrise Manor’s drug problem won’t disappear without intervention. The solution to the area’s drug problem will only come from drug rehab centers in Sunrise Manor as untreated addiction will not abate on its own. Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is a process that takes time to address.

According to a report published by the White House in 2011, Nevada ranks startlingly high in various substance abuse categories. These include: 

  1. Nevada ranks in the top 10 of states for past-month illicit drug use other than marijuana among teens age 12-17.
  2. It also ranks in the top 10 of states for past-year non-medical use of prescription pain relievers for persons aged 12-17.
  3. Nevada is one of only a handful of states where stimulants such as methamphetamine outrank marijuana for primary treatment admission.
  4. Heroin treatment admissions have been increasing in the state steadily since 2007.
  5. Prescription painkiller opiate medications have seen an uninterrupted increase in primary treatment admissions since 2000.

Each and every one of these statistics is too significant to ignore. There is a direct increase in the risk of addiction for individuals who start using drugs and alcohol at an early age. When combined with the fact that the drugs of choice for young people have shifted toward prescription medications, it is clear this situation must be addressed.

Many young people start abusing prescription pills under the misconception that these drugs are safer than street drugs. In reality, these drugs have a high incidence of dependence with regular use, and many users become addicted before they are aware. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms often trap addicts in a cycle of using, preventing users from getting clean without aid. The high abuse of prescription painkillers is related to the rise in heroin abuse as many addicts resort to buying street drugs when they lose access to pills. In fact, a large part of the reason heroin has seen consistent increase is due to the crossover of young people from prescription medications.

Alcohol and meth addiction are also devastating, and while the side effects of every substance vary, the end result is the same. Individuals who regularly use these substances develop dependence, which makes quitting exceedingly difficult. Drug rehab centers in Sunrise Manor understand the unique issues that each substance presents to users early in recovery. In order to reverse the current substance abuse trends in Nevada, individuals must receive treatment to learn to maintain abstinence.

Sunrise Manor Drug Rehab Centers

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options available to addicts and alcoholics in need, and treatment that will fit your unique needs is within reach. There are options available to addicts of all backgrounds and means. There are long-term and short-term options and both inpatient and outpatient settings. There are private options and public options and various addiction treatment models to choose from. Professional treatment specialists are available to help walk you through the process, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Finding a rehab solution is probably easier than you think if you are willing to reach out. There is no reason to wait until you hit bottom; find the help you need today.

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