Sparks City Drug Rehabilitation

Sparks City is located in the North western portion of Nevada in Washoe County. It is located just to the east of Reno and was established in 1905. A 2010 United States census places Sparks City as the fifth most populous city in Nevada. Before the 1850’s, the Washoe/Sparks area was inhabited by the Washoe people. The second half of the 19th century saw the area maintain a low population density with Euro-American settlers. The construction of switchyards and maintenance sheds for the Southern Pacific Railroad increased the population. The economic growth of Reno after the 1940’s had residual effects on the small town. The growth triggered a housing boom north of the railroad in the area of Sparks. Warehouses and light industry began to grow and then the completion of the Nugget Casino Resort brought in more revenue.

Today, the city is known as a great special events venue. The downtown square, Victorian Square, draws thousands of visitors during their events. They have well designed parks and recreational programs for the entire family. The crime rate in Sparks City has been declining since 2003. The unemployment rate is at 7.1%. The most common industries are in construction, arts, and accommodation for males. Arts, entertainment, and recreation, health care, and accommodation and food services are the most common industries for females.

Sparks City Drug Problem

The last several years have shown that Nevada is leading the nation in fatal drug overdoses. This increase is in no doubt the result of prescription drug abuse. In response to this rising issue, the Nevada Legislature has passed a bill that is directed towards reducing these tragedies. The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act passed the Nevada Assembly and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. This bill, like those across the nation, adds legal protection to those looking to help someone who has overdosed. The first part of the bill states the protection for those people who call for help when someone they are with is suffering from an overdose. Previously, individuals who called for help could be charged with drug use, possession or underage drinking. The second part of the bill allows individuals the ability to administer opioid reversing drugs. This would reverse the effects of heroin and painkillers like codeine, Vicodin, or oxycodone. The new bill will give first responders a better chance at saving lives.

A recent study was conducted in the Reno/Sparks area and found that employers were having difficulty running their businesses as a result of their drug testing. While the study was conducted using drug test result it is not possible to understand how many of the failed tests had to do with addicts and recreational users. Business owners stated they could no longer afford to give the drug tests because of the turnover it had created. Some professionals state the direct correlation between unemployment and drug use. One can cause the other and vise-versa. It is even more difficult for recovering addicts to stay clean when they cannot find gainful employment as a result of their drug addiction or related criminal background. Some find it difficult to stay enthusiastic about recovery when they are forced to work a job that is beneath their skill level.

Sparks City Drug Rehab

Sparks city is dealing with a drug addiction and residual issues that are common across the country. Coping with substance abuse and addiction is an incredibly complex issue that requires a comprehensive plan of attack. Most addicts agree that they required professional treatment for their addictions. Overcoming addiction is a very difficult process, but it is not impossible. Anyone suffering from addiction or knows someone who is should seek the professional treatment of a certified drug rehabilitation center. Anyone living in the Sparks City are should see any one of their wonderful treatment centers. Choosing a treatment center does not have to be difficult, yet it should require significant research before the final decision is made. There are 16 respectable treatment center options for those in the Spark City Area, they are: Northern Nevada Teen challenge, Step 2, Evergreen Alcohol and Drug rehab, Willow Springs Center, Life Change Center, West Hills Hospital, Ridge House, Center for Behavioral Health Las Vegas Inc., and Ridgeview Counseling group to name a few.

The Behavioral Health Las Vegas Inc. treatment facility is a wonderful outpatient drug addiction recovery center. They focus on treating various drug and alcohol related problems with a focus on opiate addiction. They believe that counseling is a pivotal part of the rehabilitation process and utilize one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as group and family therapies. It is important to work with a group and family to work on proper societal social skills. It is even more important to mend the bonds that were broken between family members as a result of the drug or alcohol addiction. Most addicts agree that the support of their family was a pivotal part of their recovery. The staff has educational backgrounds in counseling and is encouraged to continue their education and experiences to better suit all the individuals that seek help. The benefits of using the Behavioral Health Las Vegas Inc. in Sparks city is that they continue to work with other agencies to understand and be more capable to treat or refer a patient to another facility.

The Evergreen Drug and Alcohol rehab is a country wide drug and alcohol treatment facility. They maintain the Gold Seal Certification from the Joint commissions on Accreditations of Healthcare Organizations for exceptionally high quality of service. Through their process of contemporary techniques, Evergreen’s highly qualified and skillfully trained staff is able to treat drug and alcohol addicts accordingly. The facility offers: in-patient alcohol and drug rehabilitation, full medical drug and alcoholmeter by board certified physicians, dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment, innovative individual and group therapy, holistic pain treatment, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, laser therapy, relaxation lounge, and 24/7 service. Their services are covered by the majority of major insurances. The Evergreen drug and alcohol rehab is a wonderful place for anyone looking to turn their lives around to get help.

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