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The city of Omaha was founded in 1854 and is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. It is located on the eastern boarder of the state, next to Iowa. It is the home of five fortune 500 companies. It was nicknamed the gateway to the west because of the Lone Tree Ferry. It was the host of the 1898 world fair. Due to its central location it was dubbed an important national transportation hub. The city’s economy is based on transportation, railroads, breweries, stockyards, and meatpacking plants. It holds a population of 434,353, which is 67.3% white. Crime has declined from 2000 to 2010, with small increases over the 2011 and 2012 years. Unemployment is at 4.3%, which is .6% higher than the state average.

Omaha Drug Problem

Prescription drug abuse is a problem across the entire country. It has gotten to a point where many professionals are calling it the new gateway drug. Prescription drugs are easier to obtain than any other drug out there. Most young adults simply walk into their own bathrooms and have a plethora of available medications in front of them. The problem in Omaha, Nebraska is gaining a huge amount of publicity. Recent prescription drug fatalities have prompted citizens and local law enforcement agents to dive deeper into the issue. Drug dealers in the state of Nebraska are driving down to pain clinics in Florida, Georgia, Texas, California, and Nevada to obtain prescriptions for pain killers. They would see various doctors to get fraudulent prescriptions for powerful painkillers like oxycodone and Methadone. When they returned to Nebraska they would fill the prescriptions and sell them illegally. Dealers claim to make roughly $30 a pill for these drugs, which makes the business incredibly lucrative and that much more dangerous. Dealers are traveling around and coming back with the prescriptions because Nebraska does not have a prescription drug monitory program; it is actually one of two states that do not have that type of program. Authorities believe the state to be attractive to drug dealers because it does not utilize a monitoring system. The current system is watered down because physicians can opt out of it. Drug dealers in the area have stated that they made approximately $900,000 before they were caught.

Heroin use and addiction has been on the rise in recent years, especially in the Southwest and Midwest of America. Mexican heroin, also known as black tar, is sold in the streets at rock bottom prices. It is selling so fast it is almost unbelievable. The growing issue is not limited to the city centers; it is actually taking hold in smaller rural areas outside the city. Over the last ten years, there have been thirteen heroin related deaths, six of those thirteen have happen this past year. There has been a cycle of drug abuse and addiction in these small mid-western towns; it was cocaine, then methamphetamine, and now it is heroin. These small towns are fighting a losing battle with their hands tied behind their backs. The towns are small and so their resources and numbers are small. Most of these areas have no more than five police officers, who deal with the minor everyday problems. Combating heroin addiction and potential epidemic would be impossible. The rise in heroin addiction is a direct result of the prescription drug abuse problem in the country. Individuals take prescription medications for injury or surgery and develop a dependency. They then take the drug too often and for too long, which creates an addiction. When they can no longer get more of this pain killer they must turn to a substitute. Heroin is available, cheap, and potent. Heroin addicts claim to be hooked on the drug the first time they try it.

Omaha Drug Rehab

Suffering from a drug addiction is an incredibly tough situation to handle. Millions of Americans cope with addiction every year, yet only a small fraction of them receive the professional help they require. Anyone suffering from addiction should seek professional help immediately. Thankfully, Omaha has a plethora of drug treatment centers that are suitable for anyone in need of help. There are roughly 23 drug rehabilitation centers in the greater Omaha area.

Located in the Southwestern portion of the city, Riverwood Group, LLC Omaha Treatment Center is a great facility for any addict looking to turn their lives around. The staff of this center is licensed by the state of Nebraska, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and the Drug Enforcement Administration. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. The mission of Omaha Treatment Center is to provide excellent out-patient care for opioid addictions. They can coordinate services with mental health and substance abuse treatment providers in the area. The work with the community to create the best possible treatment options for those in need.

The Valley Hope’s treatment facility in Omaha provides a variety of services to help individuals with substance abuse and addiction. The offer comprehensive outpatient programs, traditional intensive outpatient treatment, AC/ESS telehealth online services, individual, family and group counseling, continuing care, education and assessment/evaluation services. They treat addicts from 16 years of age and up. Valley hope utilizes a detailed twelve step program to increase the likelihood of success. It provides more than 40 hours a week of active treatment therapy, which includes individual counseling and pastoral sessions, marital, couple, family and group therapy. They have an integrated treatment model that mirrors real life. The center also offers day and partial care for those interested. It is a 6-8 hour/day, 7day/week level of care that allows the individual to continue treatment without sacrificing their lives. They accept insurance coverage and work with the agency to better suit the needs of the addict. They can also provide addicts with loan choices that better suit their needs. They have a limited amount of addiction treatment scholarships available. A business manager will meet with patients to discuss the best payment plan.

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