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Lincoln, Nebraska is the second most populated city in the state of Nebraska and is the capitol. Located in the southeastern part of the state, Lincoln was founded as a village on the salt flats. The city is the location of the University of Nebraska. The downtown retail area underwent major change after the completion of the Gateway Shopping Mall, which is located in the suburban area. The mall’s revenue made up 75% of the cities revenue after its completion. The city went under a revitalization and beautification during the late 70’s and 80’s. The town became a popular home to Vietnamese refugees after the fall of Saigon, who settled among the Mexican eateries and African markets. The top employers are the state, Lincoln public schools and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As the home of the University of Nebraska and the state capitol, Lincoln is a popular tourist site.

Lincoln Drug Problem

Drug abuse and addiction is a common occurrence in larger metropolitan areas like Lincoln. Their problem with substance abuse is intensified by the large student population in the area. The University of Nebraska is a large University, which indirectly promotes substance abuse. College life has drastically changed from a place for increased learning to a place of experimentation with drugs and alcohol. The drug problem is on campuses, in the streets and even in Prison.

As a result of recent reports, searches and arrests the Lincoln area prison systems are seeing an increase of drug abuse. After a previous inquiry, the Nebraska prison system is not doing a good job keeping track of the prescription medication. There has been a significant amount of prescription drugs given out to inmates. The preliminary report states that there have been an irresponsible amount of drugs given to inmates. Auditors have looked into the corrections department’s central pharmacy over a six month period and found that it had bought $11 million worth of medications. The state has also had a few arrests of prison guards sneaking drugs into the jail for the inmates.

Synthetic marijuana is a type of ‘legal’ drug that has become increasingly popular in the Midwest. The drug is made from shredded plant material that is sprayed with a combination of chemicals. These chemicals are different from brand to brand and batch to batch. The federal government continues to ban certain combinations of chemicals that are in the drug, but it is unsuccessful. These companies simply change their chemical make-up of the drugs and continue to produce and sell it. Lincoln area authorities are unable to combat the problem because the law does not give them the legal right prosecute them. K2, a name for synthetic marijuana, laws has helped the law and crime lab stay ahead of the drug since 2011. Nebraska senators have passed a law banning new sets of formulas for the drugs. New laws are being pushed through to help law enforcement pursue those using, abusing and selling the dangerous drug. It has cost many individuals their lives and caused serious injury. The current law states that K2 possession is a misdemeanor, which means that it is not worth prosecuting the offender, who normally pay the fine and avoid fighting the charges.

Lincoln Drug Rehabs

Drug addiction is a traumatic issue that affects millions of Americans every year. Addiction is a progressive issue that damages the character, brain, and body of the individual. The amount of damage that is caused makes recovery very difficult. Most addicts do not believe they have a problem, but if they do drugs is the answer. When an addict is ready to change their lives going to a drug rehabilitation facility is the best way to overcome the addiction. Drug rehab begins with Detox, which a process of allowing the body to release any and all drugs and toxins for the body. The patient will then participate in a series of individual, group, and/or family therapies that helps them understand addiction and the effects on others. They are encouraged to continue their rehabilitation in group Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings after treatment. Anyone suffering from addiction in the Lincoln area should seek one of the four treatment centers in the area. Antlers Center Inc., Lincoln Drug Treatment Centers, Lincoln Treatment Center, and CenterPoint treatment facilities are great places to go to help anyone with an addiction.

CenterPoint Drug rehabilitation is located in Lincoln city center offering addicts a way out of the chaotic life of drug addiction. They believe that everyone has the ability to overcome their addictions and offer a pivotal treatment available for people suffering from mental and substance use disorders. Their wide variety of treatment, rehabilitation and housing services can help the homeless and low-income people living with disorders. The facility has been chosen as a “top pick treatment center” by They believe in a holistic approach to treatment. Their therapists are dual-credentialed, supporting patients to live healthier and more productive lives. They provide co-occurring residential treatment, touchstone residential treatment, outpatient treatment, and PIER an assertive community treatment.

Lincoln Drug Treatment Center Alcohol Rehab is a wonderful treatment option for those suffering from substance abuse. Their highly structured environment helps addicts regain control their lives. They believe in a detailed and unique program for each individual that can help reverse the physical and psychological health damages. The specialists at the center believe in removing outside distractions and influences to apply recovery methods to everyday tasks and activities. The center’s employees create a personalized recovery plan for each individual to increase the efficiency of their approach. After the inpatient treatment program has been completed the facility recommends the recovered addict participate in follow-up addiction treatment programs. Returning to normal life can be stressful; therefore, continued rehab is detrimental to their sobriety. Continued practice and therapies can help recovered addicts reintegrate into society. Aftercare support has proven to be a successful tool in maintaining long-term sobriety. Lincoln Drug treatment is dedicated to reducing relapse with follow-up care and increasing their health and overall quality of life.

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