Kearney Drug Rehabilitation

In the middle of the 19th century, the United States Army base, Fort Kearney, was located on the Oregon Trail as an outpost. The fort was named after General Stephen W. Kearney; the extra “e” was most likely the misspelling of postmen, but the name stuck. It is currently located on the North side of the Platte River and has steadily grown as a result of the expanding railroad.

The top employers in Kearney are Good Samaritan Hospital, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Kearney Public Schools, Buckle, Wal-Mart, Cabela’s, Cash-Wa, and the city of Kearney. The top manufacturing employers are: Baldwin Filters, Eaton, West Pharmaceutical Services, Chief Industries, Marshall Engines, and Morris Printing Group.

The location of Kearny on the Mormon, Oregon, California Trails, the Pony Express, and the Lincoln Highway make it the perfect home to several museums that hold those histories. The Museum of Nebraska Art houses artworks that span 175 years. The Viaero Event Center hosts concerts, events Performances, and is home to the local hockey team.

Kearney Drug Problem

Kearney has been dealing with the same type of drug problems as other places across the country. In response to the rising issue with drugs in the area, Kearney authorities set in motion an anti-drug operation, which yielded twelve arrests. Arrest warrants were issued on the 17th and carried out on the twentieth; ironically enough on the day that marijuana advocates deemed National Weed Day. The warrants were issued for a range of offenses, but most were in reaction to the selling of drugs to informants working with authorities.

Like other Midwestern and Great Plain towns Kearney is suffering from a methamphetamine and prescription drug problem. The rise of methamphetamine abuse is not a new problem. For the last few decades meth has ravaged this area of the country. The reason why this area is more susceptible to this abuse is unknown, but many attribute the lack of opportunities in these small towns which have been affected by the slow economy. The problem worsens when young adults begin experimenting with drugs at an early age. Nebraska and other states of the Northern part of the plains have also been affected by the increasing availability of legal marijuana in neighboring states. Local and state governments are working hard to limit the amount of drugs that are flowing into their states. The rise in youth marijuana exposure is only topped by the increase in prescription drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse is steadily climbing to outnumber marijuana as the most commonly abused drug. It is also increasing in popularity as the first drug that young adult’s abuse. Prescription medications as a gateway drug are incredibly dangerous because of the danger of dependence and overdose. Most hospitals across the country have witnessed a meteoric rise in prescription drug related injuries.

Kearney Drug Rehab

Drug addiction effects millions of families every year, it costs the country several hundred million every year. Even though millions are affected most individuals are unaware of the danger of drugs and alcohol, how to detect substance abuse, and are unable to handle the situation. There are thousands of treatment centers across the country, which is great because each addiction is unique and requires a special program. Addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Instead, it requires a unique, specialized treatment program designed for an individual’s addiction and any co-occurring issues. Those individuals suffering from addiction in the Kearney area have fewer options for treatment than other areas in the country, but there are three viable treatment options within city limits. South Central Behavioral Services, Oxford House-Harmon Park, and Liberty Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center are great drug and alcohol addiction facilities for addicts to get help.

Liberty Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center is located at the South End of the city near the river. Many families have a difficult time getting their addicted loved one the help they need to quit drugs or alcohol, but Liberty Alcohol and Drug rehab can help. Their intervention services can help families come together with a plan to get the addict into a treatment program. They offer drug detoxification and customized treatment plans. The inpatient rehabilitation center uses holistic and therapeutic options to help addicts realize their potential, strength, and sobriety. Massage, yoga, and acupuncture help recovering addicts overcome their addiction with natural remedies, which can increase the likelihood of their sobriety. For those that are not ready to give up their responsibilities or normal lives, Liberty Alcohol and drug rehab center has a great intensive outpatient treatment program.

The Oxford House-Harmon Park treatment center is located at the city’s center is a great option for Kearney residents looking for addiction information and treatment. The Oxford house uses a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free home. It is a publicly supported, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The Oxford House is a country wide corporation that sets up homes for addicts looking to turn their lives away from drug and alcohol abuse. The number of recovering addicts in a home varies from six to fifteen; depending on time and the home itself. Some of the homes are designated for males or females. The program works on a self-governed notion of real-life experiences in a drug rehabilitation structure. While in the Oxford house the residents are required to pay for the rent, utilities, and other household expenses. They believe that self-help is the bedrock to addiction recovery, strict democratic living arrangements is the key to living together, and self-support builds efficacy in these homes. Recovering addicts are made to follow strict rules that guide them to proper, healthy, and successful sobriety and happier lives. Oxford houses have worked all across the country and the program has witnessed great results in the rehabilitation of those suffering from addiction.

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