Bellevue Drug Rehabilitation

Bellevue was established in 1822 as a fur trading post. The surrounding areas and other cities in Nebraska saw considerable growth at the end of the 1800’s, but Bellevue saw a rapid decline in its population. The population decline nearly hit extinction, until inexpensive land was offered in 1890. Fort Crook was then built bringing in more citizens. The Offutt Air Force base, formally Fort crook, along with transportation to Omaha helped to grow the economy. The Martin Bomber Plant, responsible for making the planes that delivered the Atomic bombs to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan further increased the population of the city. The city currently contains 53,663 citizens. The city, while located close to Omaha has a low rate of crime and an unemployment rate of 3.8%.

Bellevue Drug Problem

Synthetic drug abuse is a growing concern in the Bellevue area. Synthetic drugs are plant material that is sprayed with a chemical concoction and sold in head shops, gas stations, and on the internet. The drugs are sold under the veil that they are a safe substitute to the illegal drug marijuana. The drug is sold as incense or potpourri, often with the label ‘not for human consumption’, even though it is made for that purpose. Since the drug can be purchased legally young adults believe it to be a safe drug. It has caused the fatalities of several individuals across the country. Nebraska, Bellevue included, is suffering from the problem associated with the drug. There have been over 100 reported K2, synthetic marijuana, overdoses in the state. It has lead police forces to increase their search and seizures of the drug. The state has passed several new laws to help reduce the amount of synthetic drug abuse. The problem with the laws is that possession of the drug is still a misdemeanor. That means that the penalties are not severe and most simply pay a fine and move on. There are two new bills are being presented to legislature that would set stronger penalties for K2. The first would make the possession of K2 a Class IV felony, punishable by up to five years in prison. The second bill would eliminate the second offense for K2 possession, keeping the $300 fine for first offense then jumping to a Class IV misdemeanor for second or subsequent offenses, which is punishable by seven days in jail and a $500 fine.

The recent deaths of individuals abusing aerosols and other air canisters have caused citizens to work to make the laws stricter. The state law states that the retailers should keep a log of who purchases these chemical compounds. Retailers are not keeping logs of those individuals that purchase these chemicals. Huffing is the act of breathing in chemicals to produce an adverse effect. The inhalation of dangerous chemicals can cause fatality and severe long-term effects. The high from huffing is much quicker and more powerful, but does not have the after effects of alcohol. Individuals that abuse these chemicals think that it is safer, because of these factors. The truth is that it is incredibly dangerous and the cause of several individuals death.

Substance abuse, addiction, and related crime is a major problem for Bellevue, NE. citizens are working with local authorities to stop the abuse from getting worse. The battle often seems ominous, but they continue ahead. Coping with substance abuse is a difficult task, but the best way to deal with it is to prevent it by educating the community.

Bellevue Drug Rehab

Drug addiction affects millions of Americans every year. Bellevue suffers from the same issues as the rest of the country. The rise in synthetic drug abuse in the Midwest has not skipped the small city of Bellevue. Addiction affects not only the addict, but all those around them as well. The affects can even be felt by the community. Anyone who is suffering from addiction or knows someone that is suffering from addiction should seek professional treatment immediately. The longer an addiction is allowed to continue the harder rehabilitation becomes. Getting treatment often begins with a simple phone call. There are five treatment facilities that addicts can use in the Bellevue area. Stephen Center, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, CHI Health Psychiatric Associates Bellevue, and Kathleen P Moore, LADC, and the Omaha Valley Hope Office are great facilities for treating addiction.

The Valley Hope’s treatment facility in Omaha provides a variety of services to help individuals with substance abuse and addiction. The offer comprehensive outpatient programs, traditional intensive outpatient treatment, AC/ESS telehealth online services, individual, family and group counseling, continuing care, education and assessment/evaluation services. They treat addicts from 16 years of age and up. Valley hope utilizes a detailed twelve step program to increase the likelihood of success. It provides more than 40 hours a week of active treatment therapy, which includes individual counseling and pastoral sessions, marital, couple, family and group therapy. They have an integrated treatment model that mirrors real life. The center also offers day and partial care for those interested. It is a 6-8 hour/day, 7day/week level of care that allows the individual to continue treatment without sacrificing their lives. They accept insurance coverage and work with the agency to better suit the needs of the addict. They can also provide addicts with loan choices that better suit their needs. They have a limited amount of addiction treatment scholarships available. A business manager will meet with patients to discuss the best payment plan.

The Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska offers a variety of options to those seeking help. The offer outpatient assessments and referrals, intensive outpatient treatment and family support education. The programs teach the addict that their programs are not unique and they are not alone in their suffering. Family and friends learn how to handle the situation to help the addict live a better, healthier lifestyle. The counseling that Lutheran Family Services offers can help with anything from everyday stress to chronic mental health disorders. They can help rehabilitating addicts build self-esteem, strengthen relationships and support positive values which help them better participate with family and community.


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