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Great Falls derives its name from the five waterfalls in the area. These are the same waterfalls along the Missouri River Basin that Lewis and Clark had to trek around during their 1805-1806 expedition westward of the Louisiana Purchase into Oregon Country. Each waterfall supports a hydroelectric dam, which is why the city has the nickname ’Electric City’. Entering into the twentieth century Great Falls was quickly developing as a result of its thriving industrial and supply center. It was quickly becoming one of the largest cities in Montana. The city prospered during WWII as a passing through station when planes were delivered to the USSR as part of the Lend-Lease program. It further prospered when a military base was stationed nearby. The population growth slowed with the reduction in railway business, fewer outlying farmers, and the reduction of the Malmstrom Air Force Base. The economy continued to plummet from the decline of heartland industry in recent years, which is similar to other Great Plains and Midwest cities. The population of Great Falls was 59,351 according to a 2013 census.

Great Falls Drug Problem

Great falls is combating a serious drug and alcohol problem. Three out of four court cases involve substance abuse. Of the court cases for youths in need for care, 90% are from children being neglected because the parents abusing drugs or alcohol. The drug problem in Great Falls is not unique and addiction does not discriminate here. Substance abuse can be seen in every community, neighborhood, and every socioeconomic background. Utilizing a mix of marketing, intervention and treatment the Alliance for Youth is working to reduce substance abuse by strategically targeting teens and adults. The launch of their recent marketing strategy went off along with the holiday session. The sticker-shock campaign involves placing stickers on everything, which warn parents and other adults about the dangers of serving alcohol to minors.

A recent survey of Great Falls High School Students unveils that 69% of the students have consumed alcohol. Out of those that have used alcohol two-thirds had tried it for their first time before the age of 14. In that same survey, 248 students stated they had driven while under the influence. The largest problem with Great Falls teens is binge drinking. Local organizations are working with the community and local authorities to inform the public about the dangers of binge and underage drinking. They have created MIP’s or minors in possession penalties. If a minor is given an MIP they are required to go to court, take alcohol and drug education courses, pay fines, and complete community services. The problem is that until the child turns 18 there is nothing that the courts can do. Judges see young adults with up to 9 MIP offenses.

The city also has drug courts to help deal with offenses that involve substance abuse. It is far less expensive than jail, but still costs around $6,800 a person. New funding is helping more adults get the treatment they need through drug courts. Once they have graduated few re-offend.

Methamphetamine use and related crime is on the rise in the Great Falls area. There are drug busts happening all over Montana. A recent bust unveiled an interstate methamphetamine ring. Several pounds of meth were found on individuals that were intending on distributing the drugs in the Great Falls area. The cross state transportation of these drugs is growing.

Great Falls Drug Rehab

Great Falls, Montana is suffering from a rise in teenage substance abuse, parent neglect from substance abuse, methamphetamine abuse and drug related crime. Like other areas of the Great Plains and Midwest the diminishing economies have created an atmosphere of despair and depression. These parameters are breeding grounds for substance abuse. Anyone suffering from substance abuse and addiction should seek one of the four drug treatment centers in the Great Falls area. Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, Gateway Recovery Center, Benefits Behavioral health Services, and Whispering Lakes Drug Rehab Center are great resources for drug rehab and information. Drug addiction is a very serious problem and should be handled accordingly. The most important part of the recovery process is to know that you are not alone. The addict, family, and friends can work together with the help of professional services and the knowledge from other recovering addicts.

Gateway Community Services is a ‘Critical Care Access Center’ for drug and alcohol abuse and provides access to the following: Early intervention. Evaluation and Outpatient Services, Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs, Inpatient treatment referral and detoxification and medical stabilization needs, as well as co-occurring treatment services. Their Intensive Adolescent Substance Abuse Program is great for young adults and families identify their issues and help them handle adversity. Gateway emphasizes a family based treatment program. The service works with other organizations to increase prevention, treatment, and education in the Great Falls area.

Located on the Missouri River, Rocky Mountain treatment center is an accredited in-patient treatment facility. They focus on treating drug and alcohol addicts, co-occurring disorders, and other issues that push addiction. They use a hands-on proactive approach to their system of rehabilitation. They employ a highly qualified and caring team of professionals to help patients develop a healthy, productive, and happy lifestyle. They believe in offering a change in environment style of recovery that helps addicts overcome their addiction.  The treatment center uses group therapy, individual counseling, spiritual awareness, fitness, relaxation, twelve-step program, educational lectures, continuing care, equine, natural, and family therapies. Their extensive program is one of the best in the Great Falls area. The center allows provides services for interventions. They can help family and friends successfully prepare for an intervention. They can offer assistance in the intervention by providing licensed counselors who can facilitate and assist in the intervention. The center can also provide financial aid in the form of rehab loans and work with various insurance providers. Getting help for an addiction is paramount for recovery and Rocky Mountain Treatment center is a great option for addicts and their families willing to turn their lives around.

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