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Billings is the largest city in the State of Montana. It is located in the south part of the state. It was given the name of ‘Magic City’ because of its rapid growth from its founding as a railroad town in March 1882. It is the trade and distribution center of the most of Montana, Northern Wyoming and western portions of North and South Dakota. It is also the retail destination for much of the same area. The city has adequate hotel accommodations, which make it perfect for a variety of conventions, concerts, sporting events, and other rallies. Billings boasts a population of 109,059. The city hosts a population of 93.6% that holds a high school education or higher. The unemployment rate is 3.6%.

Billings Drug Problem

Billings, MT is currently dealing with an increase of methamphetamine use. The state has been struggling to turn back the damage that continues to increase. The drug continues to be trafficked through the Billings area from in and out of state. There have been numerous arrests of individuals in possession of the drug with intent to sell. Drug organizations have been distributing the drug in the Billings and surrounding area for years, the police are working diligently working to shut them down.

Methamphetamine, like other drugs, causes an individual to go through life changing transformations. Most of these transformations point towards one ending: criminal behavior. In attempt to support the drug habit, which left by itself is illegal and leads to law issues, addicts often turn to criminal behavior. In the past, like other areas of the country, an addict that commits a crime would simply be sent to jail. While jail usually means much needs Detox, it does not treat the source of the crime; drug addiction. To properly reduce the amount of drug related crimes, states must treat the addiction and not just the law infraction. Drug courts are revolutionizing the way the United States deals with drug addicted criminals. Instead of just being sent to jail, these individuals are offered drug treatment. Billings had their drug courts launched in 2011. Research on Meth addicts and their recoveries states that they do not hit rock bottom until six months into recovery. They normally do not rebound until about 12 months of recovery. The original system of dealing with these drug addicted criminals was to thrown them into jail, tell them to stop doing drugs and go to these meetings, they go on probation, then start missing meetings/obligations, cannot hold down jobs, and revert back to their old addictive behaviors. The system does not give them the tools they need to properly rehabilitate. Drug courts give them the tools they need to succeed. Drug court programs are built on the idea of accountability and stability. Of those that enter the drug court programs, 47% are Meth users. Statistics from Billings state that in 2013, 76% entering drug courts were homeless and 40% were unemployed. At the time of graduation 100% are employed full time and have safe housing.

As of the summer reports in 2014, Montana ranks 31st in overall child and teenage health. Montana’s child and teen alcohol and drug abuse rate is still the highest in America. Marijuana seems to be the most popular drug of choice for teenagers in Montana. A recent study of 200 teens, 80% stated that marijuana was their drug of choice. While Montana still ranks at the top for alcohol and substance abuse, kids and teens alcohol and drug use dropped from 11% in 2008 to 9% in 2012. The statistics are good news for the state, but the passive nature of the state must change. Authorities are calling on all parents to be more proactive with their children about alcohol and drug use prevention. It is increasingly imperative for parents to keep an open and honest dialogue with their children about alcohol and drug use. In most cases, children feel as though their parents will not mind if they are using marijuana. Parents that are more proactive can reverse this culture.

Billings Drug Rehabs

Billings, Montana is dealing with a drug problem similar to other states in this country. Similar to other mid-western states it has been suffering from a terrible methamphetamine problem. Anyone in the Billings area that is ready to seek professional treatment and turn their lives around or families coping with a drug addicted loved one should look into one of Billings’ treatment centers. There are five treatment options for addicts and their loved ones: Fresh Start Addiction Treatment, Community Medical Services, Indian Health Board-Billings, Your Choice Addiction Treatment, and RimRock Foundation Library.

Fresh Start Addiction Treatment is located in the western portion of the Billings city limits. Fresh Start offers a variety of services to those suffering from an addiction. They have detoxification facilities, treatment programs, and sober living solutions. Before entering a treatment facility addicts must go through Detox. Fresh Start offers a hospital based addiction treatment program Detox. This type of program is perfect for those addicts that have developed chronic or acute medical or psychiatric problems. After the medically facilitated Detox, recovering addicts are recommended to long term addiction treatment centers. Fresh Start develops a treatment program that is specific to the individual. In their residential treatment facility the program works through a dual diagnosis treatment standard. The facility accepts private insurance coverage’s, which the length of stay is approximately 20 days. Some programs are federally funded treatment centers offer three to six month stay programs. Long term residential treatment or extended care is also offered for those individuals that have received drug treatment, but is still suffering from drug seeking behaviors, relapse, or additional structure.

Community Medical Services offers treatment options for those in the Billings with drug replacement therapy, pain killer, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and methamphetamine addictions. Their services cater to pregnancy, returning vets, criminal justice, VA and probation services, and hearing impaired patients. This outpatient treatment facility has medication monitoring, counseling, case management, SMI/Co-Occurring Disorders, and Medicaid is accepted. Their goal is to wean opiate addicts off of illicit drug use and provide them with the tools for long-term sobriety.

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