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St. Louis, MO has a rich history of migration, transformation, and pivotal roles in the expansion of the United States. It was at the heart of the Slave/Anti-Slave arguments that led to the Civil War. It was a popular sought after home to Irish and German immigrants. The city played host to the 1904 World Fair and the 1904 Summer Olympics. During World War II the city became a huge war industries center and employed thousands of workers. After the war the city expanded and lost its middle class to suburbanization. Several areas of the city have gone through a process of construction and gentrification; especially in the City’s downtown area. Crime has reduced, but St. Louis has continued to struggle with crime and the image of a crime riddled city.

St. Louis Drug Problem

St. Louis is currently dealing with a huge drug problem that is still growing. Heroin is devastating the streets of St. Louis, in particular the suburban youth. Mexican black tar and Mexican off-white powder are available in St. Louis. Primary treatment admissions for heroin exceeded those for alcohol in the St. Louis area. St. Louis Public Radio has reported that the number of deaths in Missouri caused by heroin has double recently. Of those heroin related deaths, St. Louis attributes to 90 percent. According to local officials heroin is entering St. Louis by way of Chicago, which drug cartels are using as a drug hub. Suburban youths are the main buys of heroin. What is even more horrifying is that suburban households are functioning as mini-drug warehouses. Small bungalows, which look like any other family home on a street with similar homes, are now the home to tens of millions of dollars and tens of millions of dollars’ worth of drugs.

The rise in heroin’s popularity in St. Louis is due to two main factors. First, it is cheaper and available in powder form, which takes away the fear of intravenous use. The second factor increasing heroin’s popularity is the availability of prescription drugs has diminished. Many heroin addicts begin knowing how dangerous heroin is, but their addition to prescription pain killers and lack of access outweigh that danger.

St. Louis Police are currently bracing and prepping for a new drug that is currently on the rise. Flakka is the latest synthetic drug to make headlines. It is similar to bath salts and is coming in from China. It has already reared its ugly head in Florida, Texas, and Chicago. The drug causes hallucinations and gives the user super human strength. Police officers state that pepper spray and tasers are ineffective. A recent case in Florida had a man who tried to break through a hurricane-proof glass. The drug is causing death and destruction wherever it is being used. St. Louis is currently dealing with drug problem. St. Louis country has seen more heroin overdoses than any other country in the state. It is also witnessing marijuana with high levels of THC. There are even cases where the drug is shaped like lollipops or candy, which is making it difficult for authorities to detect.

St. Louis’ drug addiction problem is slowly spreading to all the surrounding areas. The rise in robberies and burglaries in small towns are a result of the rise in heroin addiction. Local authorities are witnessing a rise in shoplifting in retail establishments. There are have a number of large drug busts in these areas, but are unable to curb the rise in related crimes. Local authorities believe the answer to the rising crime rates, as a result of drug abuse, are rehabilitation. Police are working with treatment centers and prevention programs to reduce first time users and desperate addicts from committing these crimes.

Drug Rehab St. Louis

If you or someone you love is dealing with a substance abuse issue finding the right drug rehabilitation facility is easier than you might think. Today more than ever, getting drug or alcohol abuse treatment is easier than it has ever been. No matter where you live there are plenty of quality drug and alcohol rehab centers available to you. The Drug Rehab Saint Louis, MO is a great rehab center for anyone is the greater St. Louis area to get the treatment they need for drugs or alcohol addiction. Their therapies and medical treatments work to rehab and prevent future drug and alcohol use. The Drug Rehab St. Louis produces high rates of success because of their individualized treatment programs for each individual. Their detailed and diverse programs work to create sustained, long-term sobriety. The treatment facility can offer medical Detox, residential treatment between 30 and 90 days, outpatient treatment, aftercare and alternative therapies: restorative yoga, art therapy, music therapy, exercise and diet.

Therapy Saint Louis

Therapy Saint Louis offers counseling services uniquely designed for an individual addicts needs. They specialize in addiction, trauma and abuse counseling. This facility is a therapy/counseling to individuals that are seeking help. The facility is certified and licensed therapy counselor. Their sessions have a variety of payment options and are very flexible. Therapy Saint Louis offer help to individuals who are ready to take control over their lives. The therapy encourages self-efficacy with therapeutic activities to lower anxiety and releasing anger.

Saint Louis Valley Hope

Treating addiction is a very time sensitive issue and when someone is ready to seek treatment that time is critical. That is why Saint Louis Valley Hope Association’s representatives are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The facility is available to anyone seeking treatment or those looking for information to help a loved one. Their facilities treat addition in an integrated approach that they feel reflects real life. Valley Hope offers continuing care, partial/day care, medically monitored Detox, outpatient, residential inpatient, family care and AC/ESS. The treatment facility is accredited and equipped to help nearly every issue regarding addiction, but if they feel that their facilities are not able to handle a certain situation they are prepared to help an addict or their loved ones find a treatment center that is right for them.


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