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Independence is the fourth largest city in the state of Missouri. The city has a population, according to a 2013 census, of 117,240. Independence has been pushing for a more tourist based economic base as a result of the living history that the city still maintains. Most American citizens find history dry and difficult to follow, Independence boasts a tourist friendly community that allows individuals be experience the locations of pivotal historical events. It was named the start of the Oregon Trail in the mid-1800’s. The city was founded in 1827 and became a frontier town quickly. It was the home of the former president Harry Truman.

Independence Drug Problem

Chicago, Illinois is a very popular drug hub for most drug cartel’s industries. Due to Independence’s location it makes it a popular passing through point for these drugs and drug dealers. It is located in prime central location of the country with great access to interstate highways connecting it to several larger city epicenters. This location makes it a prime location as a pass through for illicit drugs. The city has struggled with drug problems that have stemmed from the spread of drugs from the urban city area. Located right outside Kansas City, Independence is dealing with the wide spread damages that heroin and other opiates are causing similar rural areas across the country. Independence has worked admirably to fight drug abuse, but has seen fits and bursts of different drugs gaining popularity and then being pushed out.

Independence has been working hard to change the public’s perception of the city. After Harry Truman’s death it has been labeled the “methamphetamine capital of the United States.” A few short years ago, when the city was given this moniker, the state had the most clandestine Meth labs being shut down. According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Missouri was the Number 1 state with meth lab busts.  The city, and state, has worked diligently since the outbreak of meth labs to reduce the amount of drugs in their areas. They have done an admirable job and reduced the number of meth labs, but are unable to completely eradicate them from the area. Drug busts today yield meth that is produced and shipped to the area from Mexico.

All across the nation a new type of ‘legal’ drug is gaining popularity among young adults and causing death and destruction. Synthetic marijuana is currently a legal drug in many states, but that is slowly changing. Since the drug is relatively new the Center for Disease Control and Federal Drug Administration are just now starting to recognize the danger this new drugs are causing. Synthetic drugs are sold online, in gas stations, and head shops as an alternative to marijuana. The drug consists of a variety of shredded plant material that is sprayed with chemicals. Government agencies are having a difficult time shutting the drug down because the drugs manufacturers have been continuing to change their recipe. As one chemical concoction is deemed illegal they quickly change the recipe to allow it to circumvent the law. This leads user to play Russian roulette with their own lives because the chemicals are never the same; even within one companies packaging. There are also several ‘bootleg’ brands that are being cooked up in non-professionals homes to be sold. Independence, Missouri was witnessing the damages of the drug as it gains popularity in the city. The state of Missouri is currently witnessing a plummet in synthetic abuse thanks to new laws.

Independence Rehabs

Dealing with drug addiction is a difficult task to overcome. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction, seeking professional help is the main priority. Getting an addict to admit to having a problem and accepting treatment is difficult. Many loved ones find it helpful to contact an addiction therapist. These professionals are skilled in the art of getting an addict out of their denial stage and truly see their own reality. They can motivate addicts to seek professional treatment. Families and friends of addicts should contact an addiction therapist, specialist, advisor, or a hotline for help. Independence, Missouri has wonderful drug rehabilitation centers within the city limits: Right Path Drug Rehab Kansas City, Benilde Hall Program, Alcoholics Anonymous, Gateway, Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Midwest ADP Center, Valley Hope Outpatient Drug Rehab Center, Timberland Alcohol and Drug Rehab, along with six other highly qualified treatment centers.

Benilde Hall is an amazing treatment and recovery center that works diligently to help homeless individuals lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Through housing and substance abuse treatment the center works to reduce relapse and promote living without the havoc and chaos that is caused by addiction. The facility can house 65 men in their updated facility and have a 12 unit apartment complex for those that successfully complete the Benilde program at the Matt Talbot facility. The program provides recovering homeless addicts with a home and work. They serve the community and surrounding areas by offering lawn services, snow removal, painting, and other handyman services.

Timberland Alcohol and Drug Rehab is located to the southeast of the city and offer nationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment. Their faculty is highly trained and certified to help recovering addicts with all their recovery needs. The facilities program provides in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, full medical drug and alcohol Detox by board certified physicians, dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment, innovative individual and group therapy, holistic pain treatment, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, laser therapy, relaxation lounge, and 24/7 compassionate Care. Their services are covered by most major insurance plans. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction Timberland is a pristine center to get information and receive treatment.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. is state certified Rehabilitation facility that caters to the community’s mental health and substance abuse treatment center. The facility is capable of accommodating 450 individuals per day. They provide youth services, outpatient services, adult community support, and treatment for addictions, health care home, access crisis intervention, and eastern Jackson County Mental Health Court. The facility believes that treating addiction requires a comprehensive dual diagnosis approach that treats mental illness as well as the addiction. The program utilizes the help of psychiatrists, therapists, social workers, case managers and nurses. The facility has a 24 hour crisis hotline for those in crisis. Their belief is that total mental health is necessary for individuals to recovery from substance abuse and lead healthy and well-balanced lives.

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