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Columbia is located in the Center/North of the State of Missouri. Its nickname is Athens of Missouri. The land that Columbia sits on was designated for a State University at its incorporation in 1821. Stephens College was opened originally as Columbia Baptist Female College in 1833. Columbia College would later become the University of Missouri in 1839. Columbia was relatively untouched by the Civil War. In 1963, Columbia became the home to University of Missouri System and Columbia college system, which serves nearly 100,000 students. The routing of U.S. Route 63 and U.S. Route 40 (present day Route 70) was routed through the city. The city continued to grow through year 2000, when the population was nearly 85,000 in the city proper. The city continues to expand in conjunction with the expanding population. The current population of Columbia, MO is 115,276. The unemployment rate is 5%, with the largest industries being educational services, accommodation and food services, and health care. The crime rate of Columbia, MO has remained a steady average, but is has overcome national averages the last several years.

Hydrocodone Issue in Columbia

The second most prescribed drug in Missouri is Hydrocodone. The drug is a common pain medicine.  Prescribing data from Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, Part D, for 2012, found that it was the third most prescribed drug in the nation; 32.9 million claims. Pharmacists are becoming more and more hesitant to fill these prescriptions in Missouri because they are not able to decipher who is abusing these drugs and who is not. Missouri is the only state in the entire country without a prescription drug monitoring program. Many individuals seeking to refill these prescriptions are doctor shopping, the action of moving from one doctor to another to get more medications that would not be refilled by a previous physician. This drug is a schedule II controlled substance, which means it is highly addictive. Abusing this drug can lead to more severe opiate abuse. Opiate related drug abuse and addiction is the leading cause for admission to drug treatment centers. Most of these individuals enter addiction through the same storylines. They get surgery or sustain an injury that requires pain management treatment. They use hydrocodone over a longer term than necessary develop a tolerance and habit. As their tolerance builds and supply of prescription drugs run out they turn to heroin.

Missouri has an enormous prison population that it is currently battling. Narcotics related incidents were the second most common violation in the Missouri prison system; behind violence between two inmates. On a weekly basis there are cases where visitors attempt to bring drugs into the prison systems. About half of the first time drug offenders in the Missouri prison system return on similar violations within three years of their release. Target testing is used to discover those in the prison system that are still using drugs. Repeat offenders are referred to an appropriate substance abuse program. A similar program was run in Pennsylvania when the governor was concerned about substance abuse in prisons. If an inmate failed the test they would be fined $25 and if they refused to say where they got the drugs they would lose privileges. After two years of the testing the prisons were 99% drug free. Many in the Missouri area are calling for more treatment options for felons. Prison sentencing is not solving the issues with substance abuse and related criminal offenses. The state is currently working to provide more treatment options for inmates.

Columbia Drug Rehab

The increasing population of college and university students that continue to grow in Columbia can attribute to a rise in the drug industry as well as drug abuse. Anyone that suffers from substance abuse should seek professional help and treatment. It only takes one phone call for an addict to get their life moving in the right direction. There are eleven reputable drug rehabilitation facilities and services in the Columbia area. If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance abuse issue you should contact one of these drug treatment centers: Reality House programs inc., BHG Columbia, MO Treatment Center, Phoenix Programs Inc., Timberland Alcohol and Drug Rehab, A-1 Escape Aatop Wip Out, Abuse Rehab Center, Riverbend Behavioral Health, The Crossroads Program, Individual Marriage and Family enrichment LLC, and Mc Cambridge Center.

Timberland Alcohol and Drug Rehab is located to the southeast of the city and offer nationally recognized drug and alcohol treatment. Their faculty is highly trained and certified to help recovering addicts with all their recovery needs. The facilities program provides in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation, full medical drug and alcohol Detox by board certified physicians, dual diagnosis substance abuse treatment, innovative individual and group therapy, holistic pain treatment, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, laser therapy, relaxation lounge, and 24/7 compassionate Care. Their services are covered by most major insurance plans. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction Timberland is a pristine center to get information and receive treatment.

Phoenix Health Programs has been helping individuals and their families with the chaos and turmoil that is caused by addiction. The programs services include helping individuals overcome smoking cigarettes, family young adults and couples, intensive residential services, interventions, DUI and DWI, as well as counseling and outpatient services. Their program uses a system of self-responsibility and motivation for change. They empower individuals to take control of their own lives. By creating new and strengthening ties with the community patients can grow. Every treatment that the facility offers is from a test, proven method to ensure the best results for the patients.

Abuse Rehab Center Columbia, MO offers a variety of treatment options for those that are seeking treatment and a stop to the viscous cycle of substance abuse. The center offers Detox therapies, customized addiction treatment programs, group and individual counseling, and healthy recreation and activities. Their program allows patients to live in a beautiful, affordable outpatient’s service with the same supervision and care of inpatient accommodations. The center can help family and friends conduct an intervention for an addict as well.

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