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Missouri is the 21st most extensive and the 18th most populous of the 50 United States with a population of over 6 million.  It is located in the American Midwest and lies at the intersection of the three greatest rivers of North America.  The confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is near St. Louis, and the confluence of the Ohio River and the Mississippi is north of Bootheel.  Kansas City is the state’s largest city, the Greater St. Louis Area is its largest metro area, and Jefferson City is the capital.

Missouri has a diverse geography that ranges from plains in the north to the Ozark Mountains in the south.  The state’s nickname is The Show Me State which has several possible origins, but is most commonly attributed to the fact that Missouri residents are skeptical and not easily convinced.  In a speech from 1899 congressman Willard Vandiver declared “…frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me.  I’m from Missouri, and you have got to show me.”

Missouri’s state economy in the 21st century is dependent on both industry and agriculture.  Major industries in the state include transportation equipment, chemicals, aerospace, electrical equipment, food processing, printing and publishing, light manufacturing, and beer.  Missouri’s agricultural outputs include soybeans, dairy products, pork, beef, corn, poultry, eggs, cotton, rice, and sorghum.  The state is ranked in the top 5 in the nation for production of soybeans, 6th in the nation for the production of hogs, and 7th for cattle.

The Missouri Drug Problem

Overall Missouri residents abuse alcohol and illicit drugs at a rate similar to the national average.  The rate for heavy alcohol use and dependence was 6.6 percent in the nation and 6.2 percent in Missouri.  Residents used illicit drugs at rate of 7.7 percent which is only slightly lower than the national average of 8.82 percent, but abused experienced a rate of drug-induced deaths that exceeded the national average.

The number of meth lab seizure incidents in Missouri has also increased much faster than other areas of the country in the period of 2008-2011.  In 2011 there were 2,068 meth lab incidents, compared to 1,506 in 2008.

Alcohol is the most widely abused substance in the state, and as in the majority of US states it ranks number one for primary treatment admissions in Missouri.  In Missouri drug rehab facilities 47.9 percent of admissions were for a drug problem only.  The remaining 52 percent of admissions list alcohol or a combination of alcohol or other drugs as the primary reason for needing help through a rehab program.

To better understand the drug problem in Missouri it is helpful to look at the National Survey on Drug Use and Health statistics on primary treatment admissions.  The following list contains the substances that Missouri drug rehab facilities see listed as the primary substance of abuse most often:

  1. Alcohol – 6.2 percent of Missouri residents over the age of 12 reported alcohol dependence or abuse in the prior year.  8.1 percent of persons aged 21 or older in the state reported past-month heavy alcohol use.  Alcohol is a highly addictive intoxicant that has a high incidence of dependence with regular use that often requires professional help to overcome.
  2. Marijuana – Pot is the most widely abuse illicit substance in the state and throughout the country and ranks number one for primary treatment admissions in Missouri.  Nearly 40 percent of Missouri drug rehab facilities primary admissions are for marijuana.
  3. Stimulants – Methamphetamine use and production has seen a steep increase in Missouri since the late 90s.  Primary treatment admissions saw a decrease after peaking in 2005 but have been rising to similar levels over the past 4 years.  Stimulant addiction is characterized by a strong psychological dependence which is nearly impossible to overcome without help.
  4. Heroin – This powerful stimulant has seen an increase in Missouri drug rehab facilities primary treatment admissions since 2004.
  5. Cocaine – This use of this stimulant has been declining in Missouri drug rehab facilities primary treatment admissions.  Coke addiction is characterized by a strong psychological dependence.
  6. Other opiates – Non-medical use of prescription painkillers has reached epidemic proportions across the United States over the past fifteen years.  The number of primary treatment admissions in Missouri has seen a consistent increase in that time.

All of the substances on the above list create dependence in people who use them regularly.  Each produces unique symptoms, but all create a strong addiction which leaves users unable to stop without help.  Missouri drug rehab facilities understand the different problems addicts face in the process of getting clean and sober, and are often necessary for recovery.

Addiction is a complex condition that requires more than abstinence to beat for good.  Many alcoholics and addicts can quit for a period of time, but are prone to relapse due to the long-lasting symptoms associated with their addiction.  Drug rehab facilities detoxify patients first and foremost, but also employ a comprehensive approach to help their clients maintain a lasting sobriety.  Missouri drug rehab facilities are designed to assist addicts through each phase of the recovery process, and give them the tools necessary to continue their success.

How to Find Help through Missouri Drug Rehab Facilities

Addiction to alcohol or drugs can destroy a user’s life, and can strain their personal relationships.  The people who are closest to the addict are usually hurt the most which creates a sense of hopelessness for everyone involved.  While addiction recovery is difficult it is possible and happens all the time with the right help.  For this reason Missouri drug rehab facilities offer a variety of services that are widely available to better serve the diverse public.  These facilities have evolved over time and can help clients with a wide-range of problems.

Regardless of personal means or background there are several rehab solutions available.  There are facilities with inpatient and outpatient settings, and both long-term and short-term options.  There are both public and private facilities, and a large number of addiction treatment models to choose from.

This means that there are suitable options available to everyone which can at times make the process of finding the right drug rehab facility seem overwhelming.  Fortunately it doesn’t have to be as there are professional rehab facilities specialists available to help guide you through this process.  They will make sure that you understand all of the different options, and that you find a solution that will best suit the addict’s personal needs.

Addiction recovery is possible for any alcoholic or alcoholic that is willing to reach out for help.  The process can be long and difficult, but the rewards far outweigh the efforts.  To ensure the best chance at long-term success it is important to accept help from Missouri drug rehab facilities.  Due to the long-term nature of addiction, and the lingering symptoms associated with it these facilities are the best option for alcoholics and addicts in need.

Help is out there right now so there is no reason to delay.  No addict or alcoholic should follow the belief that they have to hit rock bottom in order to change.  Reach out to a rehab facilities specialist right now to get started on your path to recovery.  A healthy and productive drug-free or alcohol-free life is waiting for you.

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