Southaven Drug Rehabilitation

Southaven, Mississippi is a rural city of Memphis, Tennessee that is located just across the Mississippi/Tennessee border. It is a city in Desoto County and a principle city in the Memphis metro area. It is the third largest city in Mississippi, with a population of 48,982 according to a 2010 census. It is traversed from north to south by I-55 and I-69 freeway. The population has a 90% of high school educated individuals and higher, with an unemployment rate of 6.1%. The most popular industries in Southaven are transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, construction and retail trade.

South Haven Drug Problem

South Haven is currently working to combat the prescription drug abuse problem that they, like the rest of the nation, are currently suffering from. There are new rules being put forth that allow drug drop-off at drugstores. Starting in October of 2014, the South Haven area has provided a service that allows individuals to drop-off unused and expired prescription drugs and syrups to local drug stores. The new procedure allows patrons to discard of their prescription medications properly. The drugs are placed in a biohazard bin and shipped by to be discarded properly. It is a much safer practice than throwing them in the trash or down the drain, which is bad for the environment. The project will help keep prescription drugs out of the hands of individuals who only want to abuse them. The nation is in the middle of a huge prescription drug epidemic. Most areas have seen an increase of prescription drug overdoses that is currently seeing more patients than heroin overdose.

Recent statistics state that there are roughly 15 million Americans that are currently abusing prescription drugs, which includes many who are not even prescribed for them. This statistic has pushed the Drug Enforcement Administration to change its rules governing the disposal of pills and syrups. Local authorities believe the new drug rules will help North East Mississippi the most because it is currently dealing with a severe prescription drug and related crime issues. A common theme in prescription drug use is that it leads to heroin abuse. Individuals are getting addicted to prescription pain killers, which are a form of opiates. When they can no longer obtain those drugs because of cost, families hiding medications, or doctors refusing to fill prescriptions they turn to the next best thing. Heroin is a very strong, very addicting, and incredibly cheap substitute. It creates an addict within the first use.

The suburbs of cities in the Mid-South are witnessing a rise in heroin abuse. Most people do not understand is that heroin addiction does not discriminate and is on the rise in small, safe rural neighborhoods. This is the result of prescription drug abuse. The number of heroin related deaths is alarming. Shelby County, home to Memphis, TN, which shares a border with rural Southaven, has seen 59 heroin overdose deaths in 2014, which is five times the number of deaths in 2010. In the neighboring state, The Mississippi, Bureau of Narcotics investigated 136 overdose cases in 2014; which were not all fatal or caused by heroin. The area has also seen a rise in infants born with the drug in their system.

The rise in opiate, and other drugs, related death has prompted local residents to urge the state to pass Good Samaritan laws. These new laws would help addicts and others seek medical assistance without fear of criminal prosecution. People make bad choices and Southaven is seeing a rise in those being with drug use. Individuals, who overdose on heroin, or any other drug, are hesitant to call for help because of the legal repercussions. Senate Bill 2242 would create immunity for anyone seeking treatment for an overdose. The bill has passed and is awaiting further action in the House of Representatives. This law is similar to other Good Samaritan laws across the country. Authorities need to speak with these overdose victims and their circle of friends in order to find the dealers and supplies. The current system makes it very difficult to get addicts to speak out because they fear prosecution.

It is a difficult task for parents to speak to their children about heroin use because it seems so unlikely to them. Heroin is a serious drug that yesterday’s generation was not as open to. In today’s society children experience much more and due to the rise in prescription medication abuses heroin is more popular. Unfortunately the change in our society has brought heroin to ever corner of this country and parents must act. Educating children and the youth about the dangers of opiates is the first step of preventing heroin addiction.

Southaven Crime

There has been a recent increase in criminal behavior in Southaven at the start of the 2015 year, according to police. The increase is in violent crimes. The rise is in rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. There have been a number of warranted arrests in the Southaven area as a result of drug addiction, abuse, and dealing. The rise in prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction is the cause of the increase in crime.

Addiction Help Near Southaven

There are several options for Southaven residents who wish to get treatment for their or a loved one’s substance abuse. There are two treatment centers within city limits and more than eight shortly across the Mississippi/Tennessee border in the Memphis area.

Turning Point Recovery center is the leading treatment center in Southaven, Mississippi. It treats adults and adolescents with mental health drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and other substance abuse issues. They treat dual diagnosis patients on a daily basis. Turning Point uses dialectical behavior therapy in their programs and creates solid plans for recovery.

Parkwood Behavioral Health System offers an array of services ranging from children to older adults. Their treatment includes individual, group and family therapies; as well as activity therapy. They have intensive outpatient programs, residential treatment programs, adult psychiatric and substance abuse programs, educational assistance, and family involvement is a vital part of their programs.


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