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Jackson, Mississippi is the largest city in Mississippi. It has been the capital since 1944. The city is located on the Pearl River that drains into the Gulf of Mexico. The city was named in memory of Andrew Jackson for his victory at New Orleans and his later presidency. The city boasts numerous musicians that specialize in blues, jazz, and gospel. It was well known for its illegal night clubs located on the gold coast.

During the early twentieth century African Americans were widely discriminated against in Jackson; and throughout Mississippi. The constitutions and amendments that were ratified between 1890 and 1908 effectively disfranchised most African Americans and many poor whites. The new laws made their voter registration more difficult: like poll taxes, residency requirements, and literacy tests. The Supreme Court would eventually rule these provisions were unconstitutional, but Mississippi would find other ways to continue to abuse African American rights.

The economic recovery of Jackson, and most of Mississippi, was slow fallowing the Civil war. Slight growth continued slowly in Jackson, with the majority of it being attributed to transportation. The economic growth continued in the 1930’s with the discovery of natural gas fields. Wells continued to be created to collect the gas, but most were dried up by 1955.

The City’s Gold Coast was the site of illegal gambling and illegal drinking during Prohibition. On the east side of the Pearl River, these illegal activities flourished until the 1966 repeal of Mississippi’s prohibition laws; at which point Jackson ‘got wet’. These locations became a major platform for the growth of musicians playing jazz and blues.

Today Jackson houses a population of 172,638 citizens. The estimated median household income in 2012 was $30,219, which is roughly $7,000 less than the states median household income. The estimated per capita income in 2012 was $19,013. Blacks alone hold the majority population at 78.9% black. For the population of individuals over 25; 84.3% have a high school degree or higher, 24.9% have bachelor’s degrees or higher, 10.7% have graduate or professional degrees, and there are 12.8% unemployed. The most common industries in Jackson are: construction, accommodation and food services, educational services, health care, public administration, professional/scientific/technical services, and administrative/supportive/waste management service.

Jackson Drug Issues


Local and state authorities are currently battling a heroin problem that is not necessary ravaging the city or state. Federal agents state that the heroin market is alive and well. It is currently funneling from Mexico through Jackson by the state’s interstate highways. A routine stop at the end of last year discovered a women driving with twenty pounds of pure white heroin in her car. The opiate and heroin abuse in Jackson is a growing issue. Since the publicized death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, heroin abuse in the Jackson area has become a headlining issue. At just around $10 a dose the drug is becoming very popular. This year there have been more cases of heroin abuse than any other in over a decade.

Synthetic Drugs 

Synthetic drugs are man-made chemicals that are mixed with a variation of various shredded plant material. Individuals choose to use this drug because they can order it off the internet. Synthetic drugs are destroying the urban and rural areas in Jackson, Mississippi. The states Bureau of Narcotics is working diligently to find the source of the drugs that put more than 30 people in the emergency room. The cases of drug overdoses and injury as a result of synthetic drugs, specifically ‘Spice’, are believed to be linked to one and other. These are the highest recorded accounts of this type of issue; one individual who was not transported to the hospital is suspected of dying of Spice overdose. The concentration of injuries has local authorities fearing the worst. The patients range from ages 14 to 60 and experience agitation, hallucination and sweating. Some individuals are comatose, have muscle breakdown and kidney problems. The drug is especially dangerous be it can cause agitation and violence. The drug’s effects cannot be predicted because the chemicals are different from dealer to dealer and batch to batch. This drug has no controls or regulation.

Synthetic Drug Busts 

Individuals caught with the drug could be charged with possession, possession with intent, or distribution and sale of a synthetic cannabinoid. An individual was found in possession of a type of synthetic drug named ‘Scooby Snacks’, after he had dumped the garbage bags that held is children in another state. A man from Jackson shot, murdered, and dumped the body of a 17 year old girl while one spice. A drug bust in south Jackson yielded $8 million in synthetic cannabinoid. Authorities are hoping that this recent bust is the source for the synthetic drug related injury and overdose. The Mississippi Poison Control Center has reported nearly 100 overdoses.

Jackson Drug Rehab Centers

There are over 20 different drug treatment centers in and around the City limits of Jackson, MS. These facilities range in cost, programs, and amenities. If you or someone you love is dealing with a drug addiction then the best thing you can do is to seek professional treatment. The majority of addicts require professional help to overcome addiction.

The ALTR, Alternatives for Life Treatment and Recovery, is a medication assisted outpatient treatment clinic for opioid dependency. ALTR has been serving the needs of opiate addicts since 2005. It is a licensed and accredited treatment facility. They provide medical supervision for opiate replacement, health screening, health referral, social services referral, nurse assessment, counseling, education and therapeutic groups.

Harbor House Chemical Dependency Services is a high quality, affordable, community-based addiction treatment facility for adult men, women, and their families. Their program is based on the 12-step addiction recovery in a highly structured residential environment. Their daily schedule is based on unique physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

These are only two of the more than twenty addiction recovery treatment centers available to addicts in Jackson, MS. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction getting treatment is essential to getting help. The best treatment for an individual is unique to that person and should not involve the assistance of prescription medicine. The nature recovery technique is the best way to get over an addiction.

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