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Biloxi, Mississippi is located in Harrison country boasting a population of 44,578, according to a 2012 census. It is officially part of the Gulfport-Biloxi metropolitan area. Biloxi is the fifth highest populated city in the state behind Hattiesburg, Southaven, Gulfport, and Jackson. It was ranked third behind only Gulfport and Jackson, but that was before losing residents to hurricane Katrina. Its beachfront is on the Mississippi Sound.

Old Biloxi was created in 1699 by Pierre Le Moyne d’Ibervile. It was a permanent settle ment in the French Louisiana as a Fort Maurepas, which is now Ocean Springs, Mississippi; initially separated from the Spanish Florida at Pensacola. After sometime the administrative capitol was moved due to concerns over moving tides and storms. It was later lost to the British in the Seven Years War and Louisiana west of the Mississippi was ceded to Spain as part of the Treaty of Fontainebleau.

Currently the city of Biloxi’s population is white. The city has a population percentage of 88.2% that have high school educations or more and 23.9% that have bachelor’s degrees. The unemployment rate of Biloxi is 8.8%, which is equal with the state. The largest industries in Biloxi are construction, accommodation and food services, and arts, entertainment and recreation. The city and surrounding areas have over 62 miles of scenic coastline, family-friendly activities, and beautiful wildlife. The city is a popular destination cite for vacationers looking for excitement and relaxation.

Biloxi Drug Problem

Biloxi, like its neighboring city of Gulfport, is going through a period of increased drug abuse, dealing, transportation, and addiction. Coping with the rise in drug related crimes and activities have put a stress on the local police force that has been cracking down on crime. The two neighboring cities are so close that one city problems are the others. Local authorities are fighting drug abuse and drug related crime daily. The cities close proximity to larger cities such as New Orleans, Gulfport, and Mobile make drug abuse, dealing, and transportation more prevalent. The popularity of New Orleans, especially the party-scene, makes Biloxi more prone to drugs and alcohol abuse.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem in the United States and for cities like Biloxi that problem is dangerous. It becomes more problematic when medical professionals are practicing illegally and unethically. A recent bust includes a doctor and several of his associates were arrested for running a pill mill. The individuals arrested are suspected of conspiracy, and aiding and abetting one another to possess distribute and dispense controlled substance outside the scope of a professional practice. The medications they are accused of illegally distributing are: a narcotic pain killer oxycodone; alprazoam, a generic for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax; diazepam, the anti-anxiety generic for Valium; and carisoporodol, a non-narcotic muscle relaxer known as Soma. According to authorities these individuals have been committing these crimes since 2013. The three stand to face a maximum prison term of 20 years and a $1 million fine on each of the charges. The seizure was the result of a multi-state operation that included federal authorities. There were a total of 22 doctors and pharmacists who have been arrested in the joint operation. Several of these operations have been and are being conducted across the country. As of 2013, there have been about 43, 982 unintentional drug overdose deaths reported nationwide. Of those, 52% have been prescription drug related. Upon further investigation, 71 percent were from opiate overdose.

Biloxi’s location makes it a pass thru city for individuals transporting drugs across the southeastern coasts of the United States. As a case in point, two men were recently arrested for transporting 485 grams of meth on Interstate 10. The two men that were arrested after the seizer of meth, a used glass pipe, and another opened bag of meth. The two had said they were transporting the drugs from Texas to South Mississippi for $400.

The longest running mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi had resigned back in March after leaving rehab. The former major had checked himself into rehab for an alcohol problem at the end of January. Running a city for that long is a very

Addiction Help in Biloxi

There are more than eight drug and alcohol treatment centers in the Biloxi/Gulfport area. Anyone suffering from drug or alcohol addiction should speak to a professional immediately. Millions of Americans suffer from an addiction every year and only a tiny fraction of those addicts seek professional treatment. Most addicts have agreed that it was necessary to seek profession treatment to overcome addiction. Drugs and alcohol change the way the brain and body function, which makes quitting extremely difficult.

Live Oaks Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center with a focus on substance abuse treatment. It is located at 15094 County Barn road in Gulfport, MS. It is also known as Gulf Coast Mental Health Center. The facility offers detoxification services to the public. It provides residential short-term care for anyone suffering from substance abuse.

Recovery Station is a drug rehabilitation center located at 3300 15th Street in Gulfport, MS. Many addicts hesitate or neglect treatment due to the high cost, but do not look into their options. At the Recovery Station insurance is accepted and financing is available to anyone in need. The center offers detoxification services and behavioral disorder treatment. Most addicts have lingering mental health issues as a result of their substance abuse to which must be treated in conjunction with their substance abuse issues. Recovery Station offers dual-diagnosis treatment for those issues. It has outpatient services for those wishing to not sacrifice their everyday responsibilities. They also over sober living home, day school, private rooms, are pet friendly, exceptionally Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/Trans-sexual friendly, and they offer men and women only services.

Fresh Start Drug Addiction Treatment center is located just over the bridge from Biloxi, in San Martin. Their accredited drug rehab off an array of services for those suffering for drug or alcohol addiction. They can provide executive and luxury drug rehabilitation programs for those in need.

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