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With 688 thousand people, Detroit is the most populated city in Michigan. Well known as the automotive center of the world, Detroit is often referred to as “Motor City”. This status was earned in the early 20th century when Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company there. This along with other automotive pioneers William Durant, the Dodge brothers, Packard and Walter Chrysler, quickly made the city the top automotive manufacturer on Earth.

But the city has 200 years of history that came before that, starting in 1701 when the French officer Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac and 51 French and French-Canadians founded the Fort Pontchartrain de Detroit settlement. They offered free land to colonists which helped attract families to the area. By 1765 it had a population of 800, which at the time made it the largest city between Montreal and New Orleans. Not even 10 years later the population grew to 1,400 and in another 5 years had reached 2,144.

After the American Revolutionary War, Britain gave up the land that Detroit was on with other territories to the US in the Jay Treaty, establishing a northern border with Canada.

Today the city is home to several major corporations, including three Fortune 500 companies. The industries that have the largest economical impact on Detroit are manufacturing (primarily automotive), finance, technology and health care. Downtown Detroit employs over 80 thousand people, or 20 percent of the city’s employed.

Two Detroit Officers Indicted for Robbery and Selling Drugs:

Two Detroit Police Officers were accused of robbing suspects of property, cash and drugs. This included over five kilos of cocaine that they intended to sell. There is both formal criminal charges announced by the federal government as well as a class action civil lawsuit against them.

The narcotics unit the two indicted officers belongs to was disbanded. Detroit Police Chief James Craig felt the allegations were deeply troubling, but also wanted to remind people that the vast majority of Detroit police are honest hardworking men who honor the law. Craig said:

“We should remember that alleged criminal conduct by a few should never paint a picture that the entire police department is corrupt. The Detroit Police Department remains committed to the highest standards of integrity.”

“All misconduct will continue to be promptly investigated and we will remove any officers who do not live up to those standards and that tarnish the badge.”

The 14 page indictment includes:

“4. From in or before June 2010 through in or about October 2014, defendants DAVID HANSBERRY, BRYAN WATSON, and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, would arrange drug transactions in which substantial amount of controlled substances were intended to be purchased or sold by private parties, including informants of the defendants.

“5. Rather than complete the drug transactions, defendants DAVID HANSBERRY, BRYAN WATSON, and others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, would rob and extort participants in those transactions of controlled substances, money, and personal property.

“6. In furtherance of these robberies and extortions, defendants DAVID HANSBERRY and BRYAN WATSON carried out pretext traffic stops and fake arrests, so that they could unlawfully take controlled substances, money, and personal property from the persons of the victims and from their vehicles.”

Specialty Courts Found to Help Addicts:

Rather than be sent to a regular court system, veterans and former substance abusers in the state are able to go to specialty courts that are found to be more effective in helping to get them on the right path and keep them out of further trouble.

The state’s high court found that people with drug and sobriety issues who graduate from these special court systems are less likely to commit another crime when compared to the same groups going through a regular court system.

These courts meet often, sometimes weekly, and offer offenders the option to participate in different programs that help them learn new ways to solve problems in life. These courts are not aimed at putting people in jail, but instead focus on keep them from being incarcerated. It has not only been found to be more effective, but it also saves the state money and improves their employment opportunities in life as they often learn new valuable skills.

The graduates have been found to be 56 times less likely to become repeat offenders.

Detroit Drug Rehab Options:

There are over 45 treatment center options in Detroit for people who are looking for rehabilitation for themselves or for a family member, friend or coworker. This is more than any other city in Michigan.

Many centers also have specialty programs for DUI, DWI or criminal justice clients. If you are looking for a center for yourself or a loved one, you should check with them as to what type of financing is available there as different centers accept different types of insurance and not all are able to accept certain types of insurance such as medicaid.

If you are looking for treatment for yourself, the important thing to remember is that you need to act soon. Being able to admit you need help is a great first step and it is vital that you don’t stop there but continue on to actually getting the help you need to come off of drugs or alcohol. When helping a friend, family member or coworker through their addiction it may be difficult to get them to see that they need help, but by persisting you will eventually reach them and they can begin their recovery.

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